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  1. So my parents (early 70's) love the RCL soda cups. They use them at home all the time, but unfortunately they break, and we haven't been able to "replenish" the stock recently. And they just broke another. I was on the phone with mom when it happened, and I literally thought she broke a family heirloom because she was so sad. If you would like to get rid of any in your house, could you let me know? I'll pay for shipping!! The things we do for our parents....
  2. We got notice yesterday that our Symphony 12/23 cruise has Labadee cancelled, replaced by Nassau.
  3. Our key was just cancelled on either a December sailing or a July sailing (I had it for both, and it didn't say which one in the email!!). UGH.
  4. There's also a discussion on which ship. We were going to do R/T out of Vancouver on the Serenade. Compared to the Ovation/Quantum out of Seattle, if we had kids, we'd do the bigger ship all the time. Anyways, we took the train between the two, it was like $42/way when we did it (2018). We could do non stop flying from most cities that are nonstop to Seattle from Vancouver.
  5. I loved the quantum class ship we were on in Alaska. I am mid 30's and went with my parents and uncle. I was able to get a solo room (YAY!!) nd it even had a balcony- normally I'm stuck in an inside to save money, and use my parents balcony. iFly was great to do once (not my thing) but everyone loved the bumper cars in the SeaPlex. 270 was also a super lot of fun to hang out in. I hate heights (like I don't like to climb on chairs) but went back for a second round on the North Star because it gave such great views of the ship and port- we did it in both Juneau and Skagway so we could see the land as well as the ship. We are going back, and are even getting the Key so that we can use the bumper cars more often (the line was usually pretty long). Maybe the lines for most things were a little longer than the smaller ships- we usually have gone Radiance class- but I really enjoyed it. I would venture to say that I like the activities on Quantum better than Oasis. However, the look on my VERY stoic dad's face as he did the bumper cars was amazing. He looked like a kid again! You have to imagine a close to retirement age principal, who normally wears a suit every day to work, and getting a glint in his eyes as he turned the car to my mother.... Simply priceless. And that's what vacations are all about.
  6. Here's my very crazy philosophy. I book the things that I think will change rapidly (sometimes it works out that way). So if I'm faced with 2 great choices, I will try for the one that speaks to me more. If they both do, I'll pick the one that I think I may not get to. For instance: I went to Paris in 2017. I stayed on Ile St Louis, and was at Notre Dame every single day. I'm glad I went when I did. Same thing with Cuba (was on one of the first cruises there, was glad I didn't wait). I've booked wildlife trips in case they don't allow tourists back, etc. And quite honestly, I looked brilliant when Covid hit and I wasn't upset I wasn't going to be able to go to Australia (because I've already been). I swear I don't mean to brag, just circumstances, and health, change so rapidly, that I try and plan my vacations with no regrets. For me, I'd do the Baltics, because the culture could change, or there could be some reason Americans can't go. However, my parents would be more upset missing out on Alaska than Russia. So it's very individual.
  7. I'd cancel in the middle of the night on the website and rebook immediately. I've gambled once or twice that way and been ok. I usually do it at 10pm pacific time, and it's been fine. No one (but me) cares that much!
  8. yeah I know. They just don't want to give me the onboard credit of about $2000 that has been transferred for multiple cancelled bookings. Some of which were cancelled at their request over CDC (moving ships around). Which, at this point is fine, refund the money.
  9. They're doing the same thing to me. "we can't transfer it to another booking, it has to be a NEW booking". I will call today and sit on the phone this time. Not my fault they keep cancelling cruises.
  10. I would bet that there's a cost analysis by RCL as to why Adventure that has nothing to do with amenities and has everything to do with things like how many passengers to break even, how many flight seats are available, on board spending, etc....
  11. We had a woman have a heart attack in the muster drill one time- all of a sudden someone dropped. Muster was vastly different that day. She was able to get off the ship, get medical attention, and the prognosis was good from what I heard.
  12. I've only ever tried to go from a solo to a 2 person (was trying to bring along a SO). They made me reprice to the current rate.... I was annoyed! But when doing from 2 people to 1 you don't have to. I'd assume the 3rd person would need to be repriced, but that is a different situation than 1->2. Can you call and ask? If they say no reprice, book the girl in quickly! If not, call back and see if all the answers are the same 🙂
  13. At least for my itinerary, there is no released cruise that's comparable (in any year) so I'm sure L&S wouldn't be an option. I was on a Canada/NE cruise 10/10 so I assume it's the same for you. There aren't any next year scheduled yet.
  14. I've done it successfully but it was a pain. We had a cruise reservation in 2022 for 4 cabins all in a row on the Quantum (family cruise) and one for 2 cabins on the quantum this year. When they cancelled the quantum this year, we were lucky that the one next year was in the same window. I had to lift and shift to 2 new rooms, and I lost the rooms I wanted because my CSR was slow and everyone was calling. I kept both reservations for a week and called at 10pm one night. Then we cancelled the first reservation, quickly swapped rooms, and we were ok. Be very careful to make sure that everything is the same room type (this becomes harder if there are less of that room type. We did connecting balconies which are rare anyways, but if there are only 1 or 2 of the type on the ship, you may have a bigger problem).
  15. I called RCL last night because if our Canada cruise in October in cancelled, we want a Xmas cruise. So while I was making those arrangements, I asked. They said "Oh we will send something out end of next week". So basically, there's a 10% chance that we may know something at the end of next week 😉
  16. I had two rooms booked on the same cruise and got two different letters (my parents have all their communication come to me). One had lift and shift, one didn't. It was a very weird morning to have forwarded one to my mother, and for me to be like "What are you talking about" when I was looking at the other one. Luckily we could lift and shift both rooms, but we did it for a cruise we already had booked, and they wouldn't give us the rooms that we had (and cancelled the other reservation) so now it's a mess and I have two rooms for myself on a cruise in 2022. I figure I'll call sometime at midnight and deal with it then, better to have too many rooms than too few!
  17. If she joins you on the last segment, I'll fly her out and take care of all the details. Small nominal fee of course 😉
  18. I bring a 4 USB port/1 plug international charger that plugs in. Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Senli-Worldwide-International-Converter/dp/B085VW68SX/ref=sr_1_2?crid=353DAI0K2EF5R&dchild=1&keywords=urbo+international+power+adapter+charger+w%2F4+usb+3.0+ports&qid=1610833833&sprefix=4+port+usb+charger+internationa%2Caps%2C230&sr=8-2 I've not been stopped, and it doesn't have surge protection. If you get 2, you can plug one into the European port (probably, never tried).
  19. Kanazawa is a major Japan tourist town (I had a boss who went there once for a conference and she wasn't happy because it's hard to get to but everyone loves it). Have you tried wikitravel? That's my major go to for looking up destinations.
  20. I don't see any listed for sale besides 2 in Australia and some cruise tours (until November). Sure would be nice if they made an announcement.....
  21. Apparently I'm not that smart because I booked the 7 night already- so we have two cruises, and the cabins we want in each. That is what makes my mom feel better, and so I'm happy to do it 🙂
  22. Im waiting to find out what will happen on our 9 day radiance Alaska cruise in May 2021 from Vancouver. We don't really want to go on it (we found a 7 day one that better fits our personal schedules) but it's a non refundable deposit, so I would prefer if they cancelled. It's round trip Canada, but only goes to US ports! It was still on the website this morning.
  23. Not a bad idea! I'll see once I meet her, I guess.
  24. Yeah, I think my family is worried because we don't know the teen well, we feel very responsible for the entire family's trip, and the teen is way more rebellious than I was at that age. My parents would have killed me for even thinking I could leave with someone else. (I was a good child!) In addition, this poor kid is going to have me as the closest in age in the party, and I'm old and stogey and way more interested in taking photos than doing things on a shore excursion. The rest are her grandmother's age and aren't in good enough health to do much of a shore excursion either. I'm also wondering if I could ask her what shore excursions she would be interested in. But, of course, she alternates wanting to go and not wanting to go... I mean honestly, I want to escape my family too 🙂
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