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  1. Following along here too...we board Harmony in a week with friends from St. Louis and are so looking forward to your review 😉 Bon Voyage!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up! 😃 I just booked a Thrill Island Cabana for our Allure November 2020 cruise for $663! Much better than the $1350 for any other cabana! Originally they only had the South Beach cabanas available at $499, but I waited too long 🙄 I never thought they would go up this much? 🤨
  3. Lol....I’m dying to know too! We have the same ATS on Allure booked for 11/29/2020 but really love the CLS. We have also stayed in the Panoramic Grande Suite, which was hands down the best suite ever.....but I worry about the lower ceilings and long hallway walk in the ATS, so very curious and patiently waiting your opinion 😏
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