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  1. 2 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:



    You shall aft 😉 to wait and see. LOL

    Lol....I’m dying to know too! We have the same ATS on Allure booked for 11/29/2020 but  really love the CLS. We have also stayed in the Panoramic Grande Suite, which was hands down the best suite ever.....but I worry about the lower ceilings and long hallway walk in the ATS, so very curious and patiently waiting your opinion 😏

  2. 4 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

    Yes they have it on board. I was told all bars should have it. 


    SL bar menu. Some items available all day (basic beer and wine) and others during the happy hours. 


    That is awesome!! Thank you so much for checking...


    Having so much fun watching your day unfold...it almost feels like we are already there! ☺️ although, I am definitely not getting a lot of work done here...🙄??😏

  3. We are curious to find out if Harmony has Prosecco on board? Allure always seems to have it...(although they did run out of Prosecco half way thru our November Friends cruise last year...) 🙄 they told us we drank it all...??? 😏

    Anyway, Oasis does not carry it at all...which was sad, but I haven't been able to find out if its just an Allure thing or will Harmony have it too? Any chance of snapping a pic of the drink menu at the bar in the SL or CC some time this week would be very much appreciated!! ☺️

  4. Happy to be following along, just powered thru all the posts now. LOVE reading all your reviews, but especially interested in this one because we are in a CLS on Harmony on the Eastern Itinerary in less than 4 weeks!! 😃 Sorry you were switched to a Western, but glad you got to see Coco Cay first...we also booked an pool cabana (when they were much less expensive) and loved all the details and pictures!   

  5. 4 hours ago, ramidon1 said:

    Cons:  Oasis lagoon cabana was underwhelming.  Poor and limited seating in the cabana, poor location...could not even see the pool past rows and rows of the free chairs... zero service except for regular bar servers.  No towels in cabana.  Music at lagoon pool was obnoxious and relentless.....got louder as afternoon progressed.  We were hoping to relax and nap in cabana but music was too much.  Did not realize it is set up as such a party scene....not described that way—would have never wasted the money on the cabana. 

    Kinda sad to hear this review and was just wondering if you have any pictures of the cabanas or know the letter/number of which cabana you were in? We are on Harmony in September and have "Oasis Lagoon E"  booked but we haven't been able to find anything that would indicate where that actually is or see pictures of the cabanas? They are supposed to include lots of seating (extra lounge chairs)  towels and your own bar service. I don't mind the loud music/party atmosphere but would be very disappointed if it was just a glorified "reserved seat near the pool" considering we paid $ 640.00 for it? =( 

  6. This is my favorite bag for the beach and works great for leaving valuables attached to your chair or an umbrella or even in your cabin for added security.  The bag is not cheap, but packs easily in your luggage when traveling and is nearly impossible to break into!

    Mine can fit a full size Ipad, a couple phones and passports with a little space left over.  I upgraded the lock to a slightly more robust one that it came with 😃 This bag has paid for itself and is Worth every penny...especially when we were in Dominican this year!


  7. 1 hour ago, A&L_Ont said:


    Add to that in the CLS you have two stewards VS one, and to work on the lofts one has already worked the lower decks and up the ranks.  We also like the quieter hallway with way less guests trudging down them. 


    I would also say they are marginally less money and you get two bathrooms. I’d pay more for two bathrooms, but don’t tell RC that. 

    Ditto to all that for sure! The CLS also feels so much more "Grand" because of the 18 foot ceiling height and floor to ceiling windows compared to the OS. We love the proximity to the lounge and CK as we spend most of our dining times there.  If I recall, the CL Suites are also decorated with a more modern flair than the OS's ?? We stayed in an GS right next to the OS and they are both decorated the same as all the balcony suites...small crowded hallways, lower ceilings, maybe even a little tired =/

    Where as the CLS's feel a little more opulent with power blinds and sheers and lights and modern furniture....Been a while since I've stayed in a GS, and I'm sure someone will correct me if its changed, but those little things make a big difference to us when choosing for sure. 

    Oasis CLS.jpg

  8. 1 hour ago, TheTruthCanHurt said:


    Thats very strange.  I sail allure often both in crown lofts and in star class and have not had any communication issues.  I know this is a silly question but are you sure that their emails are not somehow going to your spam or junk folder?  I know I have had issues in the past where I have not received emails.  Even had to create a gmail account just to email royal because their it dept could not figure out how to deal with mine.   I know thats not of much comfort.  But it is highly unusual.  Did you just book in the last week?? or has it been booked for a long time?? wonder if you got someones room that was cancelled and through the wonders of IT the original reservation holder are getting your emails?   

    Thank you, and no, not silly at all. I have checked spam and junk mail daily "just in case." I did receive the questionnaire from "Genie Central" almost 6 weeks ago and it did not go into my junk folder either. This cruise was originally the Cancelled Hurricane cruise from last September and we were booked in a Crown Loft Suite, but upgraded it in February of this year, so not really last minute for us 😃

  9. Hi all 😃 Was hoping somebody could tell me who the current genies on Allure are? We are sailing in 5 days in Star Class and have been told that we should expect to hear from our Genie in app 1-2 weeks before we sail.  I have read everything I can find on Genies on the boards and most people have suggested we should have heard from somebody at this point?

    This is our first time in Star Class so I really have no idea what to expect? Thank you

  10. My experience is that it can really depend on the cruise and which ship. We were on Oasis in a CLS in January this year, and the Concierge emailed us twice asking if we wanted to make reservations because they had a large # of Pinnacle guests on board that week (they like to spend a LOT of time in the CK =) So we made an 8:00 reservation for every night and were never turned away even when we wanted to alter it a couple nights. But on 3 previous Allure sailings in a GS we never made reservations and just walked in every night and was seated right away. My understanding is that the CK has become much more popular with Suite guests and reservations are a good idea to help them keep thing moving smoothly.

  11. We just got off Indy on Saturday and saw the Grease show...It was FANTASTIC!! We got there 45 minutes early for the 9:15 show and within 10 minutes the theater was full on the main level seating. Also amazing was Abracadabra, the ABBA show. Totally worth going...No tickets or pre-booking required for either show =)

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