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  1. Maybe a baseball cap on a female is rude and unattractive to you but certainly not to everyone.
  2. As mentioned earlier, if you have Clear and TSA Pre-chek there is not a problem. We fly out of Seatac all the time and on the busiest day it has never taken us over 6 minutes.
  3. Hi, I was emailed a priority luggage drop off sheet from Celebrity. My question is is there a location at terminal 29 for suite luggage droop off. I know there is for terminal 25. Thanks
  4. For the last three days I have trying to contact someone with Celebrity about the shore side concierge for my March 13, 2022 sailing on the Equinox. After two days I finally was able to speak with a person at the Captain’s Club who said he never heard of the shore side concierge. I have sent emails, left messages and no luck. Do any of you experienced cruisers who are familiar with the shore side concierge have any suggestions? We are booked in a Royal Suite, Thanks
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