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  1. We have used Princess EZ check which I believe is different from Luggage forward.
  2. Try this site. http://deckplangenius.com/Home.aspx
  3. After reading all the comments on this subject I am happy that I don't care what staff is onboard during my cruise. Just my opinion.
  4. We always book the Royal suite on Celebrity and dine in Luminae and the specialty restaurants. We do not dine at the buffet simply because we do not care for buffet food. Our opinion is that Luminae and specialty restaurants are on par with each other. Just our opinion.
  5. We have Clear and love it. The added expense doesn't bother us as we never wait to go through security.
  6. The Edgewater would be my choice. And it is PIKE PLACE, not Pikes Place.
  7. Since we don't eat in the buffet ever, it really doesn't matter to us.
  8. I cancelled a 12 day cruise for April 12, 2021, and final payment is due January 9, 2021. Sad that they will let everyone make final payment and then cancel.
  9. I called three times to see what different answers I might receive. I do make my own decisions.
  10. As soon as I can get the vaccine I will do so.
  11. Before the pandemic I booked a cruise on the Equinox for 12 days leaving FLL on April 11, 2021. Since then I have spoken with celebrity agents at least three times about the 7 day restriction and each and every one of them has stated the ship will sail on April 11, 2021 for 12 days. I commented that if they sail they will be violating the CDC order. No response. My only choice at this point is to just cancel the cruise altogether.
  12. Bottom line is that your cruise will be canceled is when the cruise line says it will be cancelled.
  13. Google has hundreds of photos of the Apex,
  14. Maybe it was an inflatable anchor.😁
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