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  1. If you google it and go to maps, it will let you check what is nearby such as restaurants etc.
  2. Personally, I don't care what anyone calls it.😁
  3. Don't you think that I know what options are available? Maybe I don't are for those options like you must? And why do you care that I don't like B2B cruises?
  4. Why is it odd that we don't like a B2B cruise? Maybe you like it, we don't!
  5. You are correct, we went through immigration, my error in what I wrote. But you seem to not understand that we didn't like the B2B, so why tell me all the things I could have done, which I already knew. It wasn't my first cruise. So that you will understand, "we did not like the B2B" is that clear enough for you?🙄
  6. We did one B2B cruise out of Fort lauderdale and would definitely not do it again. We returned to FL after 7 days and had to go through customs and waste our time sitting in the port all day. Not for us but others seem to like it.
  7. You can always call the hotel and ask them about a shuttle to the port and the cost.
  8. We have a cruise scheduled for October 10, 2020. and the folks I have talked with at the travel agency don't think it will depart. They expect it to be cancelled.
  9. Our April 21 cruise was cancelled on March 25 and we requested a full refund right away. At first they told me 30 days for it to arrive. Then they told me 45 days for the refund. Now yesterday they are telling me 60 days for the refund. They have $15,000 of our money and we are still waiting. Not a happy camper. I wonder how may have already received their refunds.
  10. No cruising for us until there is a covid-19 vaccine that works.
  11. Looks like no one on this forum knows for sure about Europe being cancelled. Just guesses and opinions.😀
  12. Always a great idea to ask a medical question of non-professional medical people on a cruise forum. You're sure to get the correct diagnosis.🙄
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