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  1. Bottom line is that your cruise will be canceled is when the cruise line says it will be cancelled.
  2. Google has hundreds of photos of the Apex,
  3. Maybe it was an inflatable anchor.😁
  4. We have a 12 day cruise scheduled in April of 2021 and our TA thinks it will be cancelled. There is a ton of speculation out there for when a ship will cruise. I don't think anyone on this forum knows either.
  5. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S held territory, I suspect the same CDC rules would apply there as well.
  6. I would assume that this merely a guess on your part?
  7. Hi Sadie, We never get to the airport two hours early for any flight. We both have TSA pre-check plus "Clear". We usually get through security in less than 5 minutes and the longest was 10 minutes. We also don't stress if we were to miss a flight. We just get a hotel for the night and enjoy a good dinner somewhere and fly out the next day.
  8. As long as masks are required on the ship and other restrictions apply, we will not cruise. Just our personal preference.☺️
  9. As far as cruising, we can take it or leave it.
  10. No, the police force has not been cut by 75% in the last 4 years. Where did you get that info?
  11. When we lived there we stayed at the QM twice, and that was enough for me. And yes, I would rather stay at The Courtyard by Marriott.
  12. I live near Seattle and would disagree with you that all of the airport hotels are substandard. There are some very nice hotels near the airport.
  13. Would I cruise if I had to wear a mask? Absolutely not!
  14. For those commenting on the "free" breakfast, it isn't free, it is included in the room rate.
  15. No one on this board knows, all responses are a guess.
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