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  1. I think I got that growing up in North St. Louis and eating White Castle hamburgers and gooey butter coffee cake.😄
  2. You really don't need to self help disembark at San Pedro for a 1235 flight, owever for the 4 day cruise you probably won't have much luggage. . We book a private car and make it to LAX easily by that time. You can also let the ship staff know you would like an early disembark so you are one of the first off of the ship. However, LAX is nothing like STL for convenience. The last time I flew out of STL, I was the only one in the pre-check line. With that said, I am one person that doesn't stress out like many if they miss a flight. If I miss a flight I get a later one or just spend the night and enjoy a few drinks and a nice dinner, and leave the next day. I do have pre-check and Clear, so security lines are usually not a problem for me.😃
  3. I believe that Enterprise will shuttle you to the port, but I am not sure. Their telephone number is 562) 495-1149. You can always take a taxi or Uber.
  4. So do you hang out at the restrooms on the ship?
  5. There are 4 popular car rentals that are on Ocean Blvd that are about a 40 minute walk. Don't know if any will pick you up at the cruise terminal.
  6. Why not just ask your Lyft driver on the way to the terminal?
  7. We don't cruise to meet people.
  8. We have flown non-stop from Sea to Fll for several years, it isn't a new flight.😃
  9. Neither, we dine at a table for just the two of us.
  10. Nothing, because we don't eat in the buffet. Haven't for several years.
  11. A bad day because they didn't acknowledge you?
  12. As far as I am concerned they can skip Princess Cay all of the time.
  13. You can always call the hotel and ask them.
  14. We don't have a favorite group so we don't care who is on the ship.
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