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  1. Thanks for that, we will just have to wait for our agent to contact us!
  2. Has anybody been notified yet as to the options being offered for the cancelled cruises?
  3. With regards to numbers, our agent informed us that they are restricting capacity to 50% on the Ovation sailings.
  4. Probably the most sense that's been posted on this thread.
  5. Back to the thread.......... all Encore's summer sailings have now been re-listed.
  6. There seems to be 7 day cruises listed in June, July & August.
  7. Maybe buy him another CD to your taste!!
  8. A letter-box is like a covered slot through your front door!!
  9. Must depend on whether you have an imperial or metric letter-box!!
  10. Thank you all for your replies, I think the answer is a resounding yes especially for a flight arriving mid Saturday afternoon!
  11. It always seems to be pot-luck with flights as to what they have on the system at any one time.
  12. Gosh, that is late, I thought ours was late arriving at 15:25! It's probably worth checking out expected flight arrivals on that date to see if it will be potentially busy. If there are many other cruisers on the flight you could possibly end up waiting after customs for the Seabourn transfer.
  13. We arrive in Barbados next February for our annual Odyssey cruise, previously we have always had a pre-cruise hotel stay and arranged our own Immigration and Customs Fast-track. This time we will be flying in and sailing on the same day, my question is, do Seabourn provide any arrival Fast-track assistance at the airport for its passengers? Thanks.
  14. Has anybody ever had to transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow for a flight connection, if so how long does it take?
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