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  1. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Assuming the funicular is open, we may do that if we have time. Two in our group are asthmatic and unable to climb that trail.
  2. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    We will check that out. Thanks!
  3. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    I'm interested in knowing that, too.
  4. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Thanks for the tip. I'm printing all these up and will make sure to utilize these tips when we go!.
  5. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Great idea and thanks!
  6. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Thank you all for the information. It is exactly what we needed to know. We'll take a taxi there and I assuming we can get one back? We'll see how much time we have left for shopping afterwards. Love your pictures!
  7. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Thank you! Totem Bight is what we want. I'll print it and we'll plan on it. 🙂
  8. GlendaleCruiser

    Totems in Ketchikan

    Has anyone been to the Totems in Ketchikan without taking a tour? We want to see them but we don't want to do the Lumberjack show or canoeing combined with it. Is it far? Is there public transportation like bus or taxi? Is it close enough to walk?
  9. I believe it. It happened to us once a few years ago. I didn't.
  10. That could be it! We decided that we would ask at the Civita train station when we buy our tickets--exactly what train to look for. Thanks!
  11. Good to know! Apparently, when three of my friends were going from Rome back to Civita, the train listed for that said something different and it was confusing. Maybe they changed that.
  12. What is the name of the station in Civita? Someone said it is NOT listed as Civitavecchia so we are wondering about the trip back to the ship and what termini station we look for.
  13. Can you tell us what to look for when returning to Civitavecchia from Rome on the train? Someone said the return is something else and I'm not sure what to look for.
  14. [email=https://www.magellans.com/itemdy00.aspx?ID=111,3632&T1=MLP457+BK]https://www.magellans.com/itemdy00.aspx?ID=111,3632&T1=MLP457+BK[/email] These are great for the nightstand. Pack flat and when you snap them together they hold everything you put on the nightstand top--keeps things like watches, earrings, etc from falling behind the nightstand and under the bed. I always take off my watch and earrings and put them there.
  15. Happens every time! We always like to see our Coast Guard in action. When they do their awesome job, we celebrate a successful evac. They are our heroes.