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  1. We sail this past October, the first cruise of the season. There were pay shuttles into town, which you could prepurchase or buy on the shuttle. Unfortunately, they did not start running until 8 AM on the dot, and we had a privately booked excursion that left at 845. First and last time I ever saw my husband run, but we just made it. We were off the ship and on the shuttle bus shortly after 7 AM, but it would not leave until the published time of 8 AM, even though it had filled up.
  2. OMG, I love it! Thanks for the video. I've been on almost 30 cruises, and this looks like the most fun place to run!
  3. Thank you so much! 5 laps is much less than the 7 laps per mile I need to do on princess. so only 35 laps will get me my 7 miles!😜
  4. We just brought some Manuka Honey back from New Zealand. Fortunately, we started and ended our cruise in Sydney. We declared and had no problems. But New Zealand was VERY strict. We were unsure if we could even take our refillable water bottles off the ship, because they were not factory sealed--we did take them off without incident.
  5. OK, so I'm addicted to running, and I love running on cruise ships. It looks like there is a jogging track that spans two decks on the Beyond. Can you do continuous loops on this track, or do you need to go back and forth? Do you know how long it is? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I just asked this over on trip advisor and got the same response. Looks like we will be walking!
  7. Last night was my registration. Got the app working, after reloading, and picked our arrival time. Will fill our the rest of the info over the next few days. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thank you all. Some cruise lines make you fill in all the information before you can pick a check in time. Last time I sailed RCCL, there was no app. Now I just have to get the app to work. It just keeps spinning...
  9. OK, I did a search but did not find anything. What do I need to check in? Is it better done on the web or the app? Does it start at midnight EST or another time? And then, how do you register for shows? I did not see anything online or the app for this. Thanks!
  10. I've researched this port and don't exactly want to do an organized tour. I would like to see Mount Kirkjufell and the Grundarfoss Waterfall. Google maps shows them both to be about a 5 minute drive from the tender port. Will there be taxis where we dock, or people trying to sell us shore excursions? I realize that this is Iceland and not the Caribbean, but just want to know what to expect. And it looks like there will be one other cruise ship in port with us that day, an Oceana ship which only holds about 700, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  11. Don't feel bad. The "reef" was chopped up shrimp stuffed into a dumpling. No even identifiable seafood.
  12. I checked cruisetime tables. I thought they had gone out of business during covid, so thanks for refreshing my memory. There will be 3 other large ships in port the day we leave, but they all return sooner than we do. I know the change fee is only 5 pounds per traveler, so I'd be willing to book this far in advance. Our flight currently arrives just before noon. How much time should we allow to get the bus? Would a 2PM bus (1400) be an acceptable time to book? And what is the earliest we should book on debarkation day. We can walk off, but our flight isn't until later in the afternoon. Thanks!
  13. The food choices were just weird. They combined ingredients that didn't go together. One night, they had salmon on the menu. Everyone at our table was so excited. When we tried to order it, we were told that it was a mistake and no available. I prefer a "healthy" way of eating, and I also enjoy many different ethnic foods. The choices on our cruise were just wrong.
  14. We're thinking of doing National Express in June. Our airfare is not finalized yet--we're booking through EZ Air. How far in advance should we book National Express to get the times we want?
  15. We did a BTB the first two Australia cruises this year. the food was generally the same every single day. After 23 days on board, I didn't want to eat anymore. Came home after a month a few pounds lighter! Interestingly, we're from the US. We thought we didn't like the food at dinner as it was based on an Australian diet. We met some Aussies on an excursion who were also complaining about the food. They thought they were catering to the American crowd! The food was just weird and not good. We had been on the Sky Princess a few months earlier, and the food was much better.
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