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  1. we have these tests at home, I would be worried about the turn around time on these.
  2. We got 269.00 out of TPA. We did think about driving to Miami for some saving but decided it wouldn't really save any money
  3. We will get off the ship if its not a cattle call other wise we will just stay on and enjoy the peace and quite
  4. We are on the July 10th sailing. Booked a JS to have room and a good size balcony. Just want to be at sea, I wear a mask 8 to 10 hours a day. If we have to wear them I'm fine with it, We just want to be on a ship again
  5. We are cruising in early Dec. If hubby had his way we would be going in Sept
  6. Need a little help trying to plan a train trip. We are getting off the Aullure on Aug 30th. We need to be in Amsterdam to get on the Brilliance on Sept 2. What we would like to do is head to Paris on the 30th spend a day or 2 there then head to Brugee spend a day there. Then take the train to Amsterdam on the 2th. Anyway we are have a had time getting Train info. Has anyone done this. Or something like it. Leigh
  7. I think we all have a different Idea about what is county club casual. I also think it depends on where you are from. I will wear jeans with some strappy shoes and a nice shirt and wrap to any of the venues. I wouldn't wear jeans on formal night. We are very lucky and are able to do a 30 day cruise at the end of summer early fall. And after awhile it gets really old getting dressed for dinner. We used to dress every night because we wanted to. Now I find we are much more casual. What ever works for you so long as you are in the guidelines of the dress code
  8. Thanks All Guess hes sailing alone 😞
  9. My DH and I should be leaving for a quick 4 day cruise on Monday. I can not go. He still can but doesn't really want to. This cruise was booked so we would go D+ before our TA next mth. If we don't go will we still get the points? no point in Canceling wouldn't get anything but port fees back anyway. Leigh
  10. We used Uber when we were there in Dec. Simple and easy. I don't think I would want to drive there.
  11. We did a Baltic cruise last year in the fall. It was for us pretty cool Fl girl. We choose a inside for our Baltic as it was so port intensive. It was nice to come back to our nice quite dark cabin. For the next leg of the trip we moved to a balcony for the TA part of the trip. It was cool for the first part of the trip home. The last week of the trip were all sea days and nice and warm spent a ton of time on our balcony. Leigh
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