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  1. Thanks All Guess hes sailing alone 😞
  2. My DH and I should be leaving for a quick 4 day cruise on Monday. I can not go. He still can but doesn't really want to. This cruise was booked so we would go D+ before our TA next mth. If we don't go will we still get the points? no point in Canceling wouldn't get anything but port fees back anyway. Leigh
  3. We used Uber when we were there in Dec. Simple and easy. I don't think I would want to drive there.
  4. We did a Baltic cruise last year in the fall. It was for us pretty cool Fl girl. We choose a inside for our Baltic as it was so port intensive. It was nice to come back to our nice quite dark cabin. For the next leg of the trip we moved to a balcony for the TA part of the trip. It was cool for the first part of the trip home. The last week of the trip were all sea days and nice and warm spent a ton of time on our balcony. Leigh
  5. Hi all My Husband really want to play a hand or 2 of blackjack and some craps. It looks like the gaming dosn't start till 2pm. Our ship gets in at 8:00 am in Cannes and leaves at 7:00 pm. Just wondering what would be the best way to get there. Thanks
  6. We just got back from the Baltics. We had 2 days in St Petersburg it wasn't enough do the two days. We used best guides they were fantastic I can't say enough good things about them. Leigh
  7. Thanks everyone lots of good ideas. I have started the packing. And yes I am over packing. It will be fine. Taking each a carryon and each a large bag. I wanted to do just one large bag but hubby talked me out of it. His point is we have to handle our bags very little. Cab to hotel and cab to ship. I will send out jeans and stuff like that to be cleaned. And hand wash other things in the sink. Leigh
  8. we are on the same sailing. there are only 12 people in our tour groups. Leigh
  9. When in Aug are you going we have room for 4 more people on out best guide tour in Aug Leigh
  10. I love a maxi dress. I would look best in a dress that hit me at the top oh the knee if I didn't have fat knees. But I do so I go for just below the knee. I wear dresses all the time I also think what kind of shoe you wear make a differents also Leigh
  11. I have always been able to pick my seats. Sometimes you can do it when you are booking and other times you have to book first. Then you can pick your seats. Leigh
  12. I need a hour if I wash and blow dry and straighten my hair Mine is just above my shoulders but very full. I try not to wash my hair more than 3 times a week its also dry. So if I don't get it wet then I just have to straighten it. I just drink a glass of wine while I'm getting ready. And I also do not let my hubby open the balcony door. LOL But yes I wish it didn't take so long. Leigh
  13. Good Morning We are leaving for the Baltics at the end of August. Then doing a TA going to Ireland and the Azores. ending in Tampa. I am trying so hard not to over pack. I don't mind washing things out in the sink and more than likely will send clothes out to be washed. There seems to be a lot of temp differents . Anyone done this trip in late August and Sept and how did you pack? Leigh
  14. Thank you so much for this link. Leigh
  15. How do you find out where your ship is going to dock for Stockholm? We are on the brilliance coming in on Aug 28th Thanks Leigh
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