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  1. Here's a slightly different question, still related. I've searched a bit but hadn't found an answer, and while I'm sure it's answered somewhere, I'll take the risk and ask again. I booked under a promo that gave me two "Free at Sea" options... so I chose the beverages and the $50 per port shorex credit. There was a second promo running that gave me an additional $50 per port shorex credit - so I have $100 per port credit. Two different questions, I guess... 1) Presumably, if I book online or over the phone - it would apply a strict $100 per port credit - even if the excursions vary in price, right? Example: I book a $120 excursion for Port A, and a $75 excursion for Port B. I would assume by booking in advance, I would be paying the extra $20 for the first, and losing the $25 additional credit for the second. Theoretically correct assumption? 2) If I pay in advance, the $50 per port would apply as a refundable OBC to my account after each excursion. Will the full $100 be applied to the account regardless of the amount of the excursion? Or would it still only be up to the cost of the excursion? I'd just like to maximize the use of this perk, basically.
  2. Haha. I wish! As a solo traveler, 3-day trips are rarely worth the price in my book. Plus they mostly hit the Bahamas and bleh.
  3. Oh man. Thanks to all of you who explained. I logged in today and noted my account said I was Gold... at 49 points. My next cruise will net me 28 points... three measly points shy of platinum!
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