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  1. The testing at Southampton airport seems to up until 4th if July which explains both points. I have booked at a clinic with their own lab at Southampton Southquays who are offering 24to36 hours results for an RT-PCR £99. (Trustpilot read well) What a mess!
  2. Hi 1- Costa cancelled my June cruise on 12th May We asked for refund to cc they said they would do it but it would take some time 2 - 27th May Costa sent FCC 100% We asked for refund to cc they said it would take some time, we didn't refuse FCC we just asked for refund again quoting from their own terms and conditions. Nothing happens We then decided to give them 90 days then ask cc for money back 18 July Costa refund appeared on cc unprompted. Hope that helps
  3. hallelujah today I received via American express both the deposit and the balance that I have paid. Full amount now received from Costa unprompted save for the request for a refund rather than a voucher early in the process did not have to wait the full 90 days and partially restoring my faith in them.
  4. Nothing yet. Giving them 90 days then credit card claim.
  5. If it is a credit rather that debit card you have a much longer time. If you are going to claim via debit or credit card a discussion with ABTA at this stage may just muddy the water. And the deadline for debit cards if you read the link information above looks to be either from the date of transaction or the date of expected service, this may be of help?
  6. Repositioning from where to where? Can you provide an example? The cuise I am supposed to be on from Vancouver to Yokohama for Tokyo in September. Still showing on site.
  7. I wonder what they will do about the repositioning cruises from Vancouver in September? Will they even consider moving the ships to the far east anyway? And if so from which port?
  8. Costa announced further Cancellations to end of July
  9. The equivalent booking on the one cruise of its kind next year is over 30% more. Great deal not! And just to rub it in the email was from news@campaign.costa.it!!!! A campaign? Really?
  10. Just got an email from Costa offering me a refund about my cancelled June cruise after a month of waiting for it . I am about to refuse it but for reference it was as expected only 100% + a 200 dollar onboard credit which as you have all said will make little difference if the cruise that I would take to replace it costs considerably more which it shows all signs of doing. I will then give it a while for them to refuse/ignore and go for a section 75 credit card refund.
  11. Still personally not happy about that form. I have asked Costa privacy team to look at it.
  12. Where on the site did this come from if it were a valid Costa site why does it commence forms.office and not Costacruises.com? Forms.office.com is a Microsoft form design tool. Please be very careful with this.
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