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  1. lammy1952 We booked all three tours in advance, payment could be made once you met them at the port. I have just looked back and these are their contact details :- WhatsUp : +261320439607 Mail : madadiego201@yahoo.fr Web : www.voyagemada.com I think we paid $60 for the first tour, then $75 for the second and $40 for the third, but of course these prices may well not be the same now.
  2. We visited Antisirana (Diego Suarez) as well as Nosy Be and Toamasina last year from a cruise. Madagascar is a very poor country, but wonderfully rich culturally and in its flora and fauna - we very much enjoyed our three stops there. For all three stops we used a company called Madagascar Excursions MAD'EX (voyagemada.com) who were really good and made sure we were well taken care of throughout. This company is very much used by French speaking passengers, but we had a wonderful guide with very good English. For Diego Suarez we went to the Red Tsingy and Ramena for lunch and the b
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