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  1. "If bars are playing popular music, great, a bit of Led Zed & I'm happy"


    Liverpoollad, you might struggle on Azamara for a bit of Led Zep, although if you're like me you'll have them and others on your iPod.

    What I can reassure you is, the piped background music is reasonably decent, and you can often hear Dylan, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Paul Simon etc.

    Albeit on a bit of a repetitive loop.

    This is a considerable improvement over Celebrity who bombard you unlistenable Techno mumbo jumbo

  2. I am quite sure (unless Bill knows otherwise) that the draught Beck's served on board is American brewed. ( Beck's is brewed for the US market in St Louis)


    How do I know this, because it tastes like American beer (i.e. bland, think Bud, Bud Light, Miller etc). It certainly is not the same brew as Beck's sell in the UK which has quite a strong 'hoppy' flavour.

    I don't particularly like German Beck's because of the hoppy flavour. The Beck's on Azamara is easier to palate because it tastes of nothing!

  3. I'll quote myself from an earlier thread:


    "How is the coffe? Here's an anecdote. Was sitting yesterday at a luncheon with five other people. Everyone had coffee. The waiter poured all from the same carafe. The woman on my right said, oh that's good coffee. The man on my left said, that coffee is way too strong, and poured some water into his cup. The woman across from me said, this coffee is really bitter. Her husband asked, why can't you make coffee this good. The woman next to him made a face and said that it tasted stale to her. I thought it was too weak.


    So how's the coffee on board? Probably too strong, too weak, too bitter, too stale, too hot and too cold.'


    Good answer!

  4. Hi Marinaro,


    That's exactly right. If you look at the schedule, I initially questioned if there might possibly be an error, as Captain Carl leaves for vacation on the previous sailing, returns for the July 3 sailing, then leaves for vacation once again, after the July 3rd sailing. On paper, it didnt look right to me, and that was the explanation given.


    Of course, it all makes perfect sense now !


    I discussed this with Captain Carl on our recent Quest cruise. As we all know he is on leave for 3 weeks before returning for his homecoming cruise.

    What he told me was, he hopes to be able to leave the ship in Douglas, spend a bit of time on the Isle of Man (he still has a property in Peel) and then return to his family in the Czech Republic. However he may have to continue on to Dublin were the cruise ends, this is because when he signs on as Captain he is responsible for the ship for the whole duration of the cruise. He is trying to find a way around this, however if its not possible he will complete the cruise and then fly back to the Isle of Man from Dublin.

  5. I very much doubt this will get on Watchdog


    It's target audience is the undertroden not the relatively weathy that can afford ACC in the first place..


    Unless they find a granny that has saved for years for the cruise of a lifetime and has been disapointed by the more inclusive choices not including a top shelf brandy or balies or an advocaat I think it will be a non starter


    The drinks lists are on ACC web site



    Unless you are happy with the basics then the $12.95pppd is required to get into some decent stuff or PAYG.


    One might asume thta if you pay the upgrade you get the upgraded cocktails as well(anyone know)


    It would give me no pleasure to this saga on Watchdog, in fact it would be embarrassing, however I do see this rumbling on!

  6. BBC's Watchdog programme is aware of this matter, but it would seem that they have much bigger fish to fry.


    If BBC's Watchdog programme have got hold of this story, then there is no doubt Trading Standards have been made aware of it as well.

    BBC's Watchdog moves very slow, as it is a research driven programme. I'm just envisaging Mrs Robinson grilling Jo Rzymowska (RCCL GM for UK and Ireland)

  7. Hello Azamara Inclusive Beverage Followers -


    I've learned that we expect to have the complete 2013 Inclusive Beverage program details added to our website much later today or early tomorrow morning. On the "Plan Your Voyage" tab under the "Already Booked" section, there will be a new tab called the "Inclusive and Value-Priced Beverage Packages."


    Here you will find more program details that hopefully will provide you with more confidence about the variety of offerings that will be available. You will find the listing of US Domestic Beers, International Beers, and Non-Alcoholic Beers. Also, the wine package pricing will be included.


    Your Comments and Opinions:

    In serving as your ombudsman, I've been summarizing for our senior management team your ongoing comments and opinions about the complimentary program and the value-priced beverage packages. I've shared your inferences about the actual program execution and the ability of the staff to manage the accounting process when a group of guests, some on various packages, decide to have a drink together.


    Remember, that this program is in its introductory phase and will be subject to fine-tuning as it is rolled out onboard both vessels. Our executive team will be considering your comments along with those from our onboard guests about the program and how it might be improved operationally.


    UK - All-Inclusive vs. US -More Inclusive

    Frankly, I don't understand why we would have two different positioning statements on each side of the Atlantic. It's obvious that advertising Azamara as “all-inclusive” in the UK has created UK consumer confusion. The first-hand information from "English Tim" is very helpful. I'm investigating with Larry Pimentel and his marketing team the statement, "that the UK TA's were desperate to have a new thing to market and so called it, "All-Inclusive." I'll get back to you with the outcome.


    Premium Waters

    We state that we provide complimentary water in our promotional material; however, we do not state what brands of (still) water are included since they are sometimes purchased locally or through our purchasing group.


    Let's see if the more detailed information that is soon to follow on the website will provide you with a greater degree of confidence about the new program.




    Bill Leiber


    Chief Blogging Officer*

    Azamara Club Cruises

    (*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)



    Hi Bill

    Thank you for being that unique Azamara voice to CC contributors.

    I have watched this debacle unravel over the past 2 weeks or so on a couple of threads. As of this evening I have checked 4 UK online TA's and they are still advertising Azamara as 'all inclusive", one of these TA's is owned by RCI. The same TA was advertising Azamara in the weekend press as 'all inclusive'.

    I did book through the RCI owned agency a few weeks back and whilst not despondent, I do feel slightly conned by the 'all inclusive' sales technique used to sell me the cruise. It will also be our first Azamara cruise after many years with Celebrity. I have no doubt from what I have read in reviews and comments I will enjoy the cruise. However I just hope there is some way to make it up to UK cruisers who have booked under a somewhat false and fabricated marketing campaign.

  8. They do match the wines to the "chef recommendation" however, you can re request a wine a few days later and if they have a bottle to hand and properly chilled etc they will happily oblige


    The tonic is the club brand same as on Celebrity or it was in October. As the Gin pouring is generous I always ask to pour my own tonic and add less than I would otherwise do


    Thanks uktog, apologies for not replying sooner, however internet and power has been out since Friday evening - nightmare!

  9. We have our first Azamara cruise booked for later in the year, and I have been watching the two threads debating this subject in a before and after scenario.

    I have a few observations, and one question (upon interpretation) from experienced Azamara cruisers.


    My observations, no Irish Whiskey, no dark beer, ale or stout. The Gordon's gin providing its the yellow label 47% proof export brand is quite acceptable, but it would have been nice to have had Tanqueray. No Port for an after dinner tipple. I also hope they offer a better quality Tonic water that the 'Club' brand offered by Celebrity. Lets keep in mind a G&T is 75% tonic water, so a quality Tonic would be great.


    My question is based around the 19 wines, are there only two (plus rose) available each day? if so surely that does not bode well for food matching.

    If there is a wine that is served on day two for example ( which floats your boat) can you re-request the same wine on the follow days?

  10. We are sailing on Silhouette on 29th September and DH is hoping the Ryder Cup will be screened onboard. Is this likely?


    Two years ago on Eclipse, the Ryder cup was shown in one of the bars near the casino. This was only after a huge number of requests from passengers to guest relations. In turn guest relations had to get permission from Miami to broadcast the golf.

    I forget the network's name but I believe it was a Dubai based broadcaster, it was in English with UK commentators like Dougie Donnelly and Renton Laidlaw. Even better there were no commercial breaks

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