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  1. Dates for the festival (officially announced) are Jan 16-20th.
  2. Yes, that is our cabin. I did not know that Escape & Bliss had the same configuration. Thank you very much for the photos & link. Since a lounger fits, looks like there is enough depth for us to maneuver the chair onto the balcony.
  3. I know the balconies differ in depth depending on the deck. We are traveling with a large wheelchair and were hoping to be able to get the wheelchair out on the balcony. We are booked in an aft accessible cabin on deck 13, which I gather from other threads has the smallest balconies. I've searched on CC, cruise deck plan, and Google and have found photos and/or videos of the balconies on decks 12, 9 and 14, but none for deck 13. If anyone has a photo from aft balcony on deck 13 to share, I would very much appreciate it.
  4. There are several interesting museums (usually closed on Mondays) and a couple of free tours that may interest you. El Capitolio (houses the Puerto Rico legislature) offers free guided tours in English & Spanish Mon-Fri between 8:30 am – 5 pm. You can call & make a reservation at 787-721-5200, ext.301 or by emailing at solicitud.turismo@oslpr.org or just show up and sign in. You do have to go through metal detector and security checkpoint inside. You can get to El Capitolio on the free green trolley. There are also free guided tours of La Fortaleza (governor’s residence/office) on Calle Fortaleza between 9am-4pm. These are walk-in and you sign up at the Palacio Rojo (last building on the left – painted red – will have flags of PR & US outside).Adults need to show picture ID. Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier on Caleta de San Juan(in front of La Puerta de San Juan) is open Mon-Fri from 9-4 and Sat from 10-2. Felisa Rincon de Gautier was mayor of San Juan for 22 years. Museo Casa Blanca (near El Morro) is open Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. This is a self-guided tour. Juan Ponce de Leon’s family lived there (he died before it was completed). Museo de las Americas in Cuartel Ballaja (near El Morro) has permanent and rotating exhibits. They are closed on Mondays and there is an entrance free. If you would like to arrange a private tour, I highly recommend arranging one with Puerto Rico Historic Building Drawing Society. Their website is www.prhbds.org. They also have a very active page on one of the social media platforms that I think I am not allowed to mention here. I have taken several of their “show up tours” and they are fun, educational, and informative. I have not yet participated in one of the private tours, but know people who have done so and they recommend them. One of their private tours (I think $25/pp,not certain if there is a minimum # of participants) is Old San Juan Best Kept Secrets. The description is as follows: “We will be exploring Old San Juan, a 500-year-old walled city that harbors secret corners and little-known spots full of charm and steeped in history, that remain unnoticed to the casual visitor. As you walk through Old San Juan’s blue cobblestoned streets, accompanied by a knowledgeable local architect, we'll be learning about how the city was built in this rocky island jutting out to the sea, observing the urban layout,constructive methods and architectural details of the Spanish colonial buildings and defensive structures. In this 2.5-hour stroll you'll experience historical architecture with an insider, not just as a tourist, since we will be visiting private residences and places with limited access. You'll have a chance to peer into dungeons, wonder at frescoed chapels, and climb rooftops to explore hidden towers, basque in secluded Spanish patios, and learn about the fascinating historical characters and events that shaped the city, as we delve into the mysteries of this quintessential Spanish Caribbean stronghold.”
  5. We have cruised several times with our mother in a special reclining chair (it's not a bed! :D), most recently on the Summit. On 3 cruise lines (Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian) we have found all the crew and staff to be extremely kind and helpful. We have never had any difficulties in any restaurant (whether fixed dining time or flexible) and my mother must remain in her chair at all times. There is a Special Needs form available on the Celebrity website that you should complete. I suggest that you also call or email the Celebrity Access Department (check your country's website for contact information) and discuss your needs. We made them aware that we had a very large chair, that she had to remain in it and we required a table with easy access and where we would not impede the waiters or other passengers. When we board the ship, we go to the dining room and confirm that our request has been received (it always has) and sometimes they even show us the table or general area so we can verify that it is suitable. You can also ask the Access Dept about any restrictions, if any, to your daughter's participation in the teen club. I don't know if they can provide you with copies of the teen activities for prior sailings, but you might wish to consider starting a new thread and asking if anyone has copies to share. You could also ask on the Disabled Cruise Travel thread (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=190) to see if anyone can share their experiences with teens in wheelchairs on Celebrity. Silhouette is a beautiful ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Thank you for pointing this out as this is definitely a recent change. Special Needs at Sea should not have taken the reservation if they are not an approved supplier. I would contact both the NCL Access Desk (866-584-9756 or email accessdesk@ncl.com) and then Special Needs at Sea and discuss this with them. If you made the reservation when Special Needs at Sea was the only approved supplier for NCL, they should issue a full refund of your payment or NCL should "grandfather" reservations made prior to their change in vendor. I'm sure you are not the only one in this situation. Let us know what how they resolved this issue. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. I would definitely call and speak with the specific airline(s) and also ask them to provide a copy of their policies. Sometimes the staff at the check-in counters are not up to speed on these types of issues. Happy sailing!
  8. Below is the information I received via email last week from the Celebrity Cruises. Listed below are two preferred providers you may contact to make arrangements to rent the item for your cruise: Scootaround (formerly Care Vacations): 1-888-441-7575 or 1-204-982-0657 Special Needs at Sea: 800-513-4515
  9. That is great news. Thank you for the quick reply.
  10. Did the van have tiedowns for the wheelchair?
  11. Puerto Rico Arts & Crafts at Calle Fortaleza 204 has a nice range of locally produced items. Also on weekends, there are usually a number of artisans along Paseo de la Princesa.
  12. I don't know if it is different for scooters, but we have rented other equipment from Special Needs and they did require full payment when you make the reservation. There was also a $50 cancellation fee if it was more than 1 week prior to sailing and non-refundable within a week of sailing for domestic cruises. It was different for international cruises. When you call for a price quote, they will also tell you how long the quote is valid for and provide the cancellation information.
  13. I don't think the dates are confirmed yet, but they are held Thursday through Sunday. Looks like your stay is from Tuesday-Thursday, so you should not be affected.
  14. Here are current (July 2018) flat rates for taxis from SJU. The fares have increased by about $2 since mid 2017 and there is now an additional "airport fee."
  15. There is a duty free shop at each terminal in Puerto Rico but you can only make purchases when you are departing as they require a valid boarding pass.
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