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  1. Hi all - I still have an original $400 OBC coupon (Seabourn will still honor the $400 coupon even though the current program is for $250) for those first time guests on Seabourn. You will need to make you final payment for the OBC coupon to be effective. We are sailing at the beginning of January so am looking for someone who will make their final payment before Jan 1, 2020. I've checked with the Seabourn Club folks, and I can scan and eMail the the coupon so the OBC credit should appear quickly. Please eMail me at lecheler at technologist dot com and we can work out the particulars. Thanks in advance, topkatz
  2. @NMJordans - Sent you a eMail to coordinate coupon particulars. topkatz
  3. @LittleRedJohn Interested in information on west African ports. eMailed but the eMail you listed got kicked back. 😟 Alternative suggestions? Regards, topkatz
  4. Hi Bill - Here are our latest cruise cabin notes: Mariner Cabin 765, Veranda G Starboard, Aft Sail date September 2019 1 bathroom, Queen bed Some noise. Could hear guests in 767 (adjacent cabin) talking at times. Crew access door across the corridor. Lots of door banging as crew came and went. Some crew realized it was noisy and gently closed it. Internet access point nearby, so good signal. Throughput not so good at peak times as expected. Would not recommend due to crew door noise. Other Comments: Very close to aft elevators, one of which was out most of the cruise. Otherwise convenient. Shower only. Flat screen wall TV: cable to connected to the HDMI port in the wall behind the TV to the TV itself was missing (unlike Voyager) so could not use HDMI port on the desk for watching laptop video on the TV. Likely the TV is not configured to accept HDMI input directly (again like Voyager). AC struggled to keep the room cool even though the temp as all the way down. Heard others commenting on warm temps. This was Alaska and outside temps were mid-50s. Thanks topkatz
  5. Thanks @rallydave. Realized that after looking at the help part of the forum. @rockwallroses If your final payment is due before Jan 1, 2020 and you're a first time Seabourn cruiser, I can help out. Otherwise you may want to work with someone else where the voyage timings works better (I'd need to have it completed before our cruise in Jan). topkatz
  6. Tried to PM but system won't let me do it. Turns out we are only about 20 miles away from you as the crow flies. 😊 The way it works is: we both get $400 On Board Credit if we when you have the coupon and make your final payment. Only for people who have not sailed on Seabourn before. HTH. You can try to PM me or use the eMail in my previous post. TIA topkatz
  7. Hi All - If you are new to Seabourn and are sailing before 1/4/2020, I have a referral coupon for you worth $400 of on-board credit. Send me an eMail and we can work out the particulars: lecheler at technologist dot com Thanks in advance and hope you have a safe voyage. topkatz
  8. We are considering doing the TA cruise on SD2 in 2020. It leaves from San Juan on 7 April. We would like to do a back to back in the week preceding but embarkation is in Marigot on 28 March and ends on 3 April in St Thomas. That leaves 3 days between cruises. Guessing there is a 3 day private charter booked during that time, could be a Travel Agent cruise. Anyway, what to do with our luggage? Can we leave the big pieces (probably two) onboard? We are ok spending the three days ashore and can arrange for transport from St Thomas to San Juan. Just don't want to schlep our bags around for the 3 days we are ashore. Any idea if we can store them onboard between cruises or are we out of luck. Thanks in advance. topkatz
  9. Voyager 872 report. Hope this works & thanks for keeping these updated. topkatz Voyager_872.xlsx
  10. Saw this free course from Matt Kloskowski a few days ago for those that are thinking about changing from Adobe to some other product. He covers most of the mainstream products and his thoughts with regard to Luminar mirror my own experience. https://mattk.com/product/switch-from-adobe/ BTW, I saw that the $10/month plan is back on adobe the web site, no need to call support. Paul
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