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  1. We are cruising to Alaska in June on Carnival Spirit. Which port does Carnival use? We are planning to stay in Seattle for a few days before the cruise. What would be the best way to get to the ship? Afterwards, we are flying home the day we disembark. What is the best way to get back to the airport? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks all. After reading through several posts, we are deciding between the Belltown Inn, Mediterranean Inn and Mayflower Park.
  3. We are cruising to Alaska out of Seattle in June on Carnival. Looking for some hotel suggestions for a few nights pre-cruise. Thank you!
  4. I would also call. I’ve recently seen two small price reductions for our cruise this coming June. I filled out the price protection form after the first one and got denied. I called Guest Services to ask for more information and the person I spoke to was able to change the price. A couple days later, when I saw the second reduction, I called again and they were able to apply the lower price.
  5. Thank you all. The flight I was looking at was at 12:00.
  6. What is the earliest flight you would book leaving Seattle after debarking from the Carnival Spirit cruise to Alaska?
  7. I got a denial email this afternoon. It said it was denied because apparently I didn’t book under Early Saver. I called to ask more about it and the Carnival employee I spoke with saw the denial but was able to rebook me under a slightly lower rate. Only saved $52 but every little bit helps.
  8. Twice I’ve had no luck with filling out the form. The first time was for a cruise last summer. Filled it out twice and never heard back. Most recently I filled one out a few days ago, for an upcoming cruise, and haven’t gotten a response yet. Planning to try calling tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the input. Not trying to sound dumb, but how important are waterproof shoes if we aren’t planning to do any hiking type activities? We mostly plan on sightseeing tours.
  10. We are cruising to Alaska in late June. What clothing should we plan to pack? Thank you!
  11. Thanks for all the opinions. Really appreciate it. We are cruising at the end of June. Late to booking so limited in availability. Will be re-reading all the posts and booking very soon.
  12. So, you think deck 8 aft is a good location? How loud is that area being under the Lido Deck?
  13. Looking for any more opinions on where to book a balcony cabin. Thank you 😊
  14. Considering a cruise out of Baltimore this summer. I have a few questions. How far is it from BWI to the port? Would probably fly in the day before but fly home the afternoon we debark. Any hotels close to the cruise port? Anything to do around the port?
  15. Thanks, but aft isn’t available.
  16. Looking for suggestions of a good location of a balcony cabin on the Spirit. Cruising to Alaska for our 30th Anniversary.
  17. Does anyone know what address we give to the ride share driver for the port in Charleston when we schedule pick up?
  18. OK, thank you! I was hoping to see what was being offered beforehand.
  19. We are on the July 17 sailing of the Carnival Sunshine. Is there anywhere to see what shows they will be putting on and what movies they will be playing?
  20. Any suggestions of what to do once we get off the ship? Our flight home isn’t until 5:00 from CHS. We will not have a car and will have our luggage. Thanks for any ideas 🙂
  21. Are there water refill stations on Carnival ships, specifically the Sunshine?
  22. Does the 5 night Sunshine have a “formal night”?
  23. What do the cabins on the Sunshine have for outlets? Any charging ports?
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