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    My daughter and I will be in Nassau in a few weeks. We are thinking of getting off the ship, going to the Straw Market and then to Junkanoo Beach. Is this easily walkable? Are there chairs available at Junkanoo? Thanks for the help!
  2. My youngest son, who is now 20, has cruised several times and been a part of all the different kids clubs. He had a great time on all the cruises, made lots of friends and always enjoyed hanging out in the kids clubs. We never needed to buy a WiFi package for him to interact with the other kids.
  3. We have a stop in Half Moon Cay in July. Planning on a beach day. Are there chairs available in the shade? Can we wait until we are on the island to rent a floating mat or tube? What is included with the BBQ? Anything else we should know?
  4. My daughter and I are cruising out of Charleston. We are flying into Charleston airport the day before the cruise. We have a hotel booked in Patriot's Point. Looking for transportation suggestions from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to downtown Charleston and from the hotel to the cruise port. Should we just plan to use Uber or are there other options? Thanks!
  5. My daughter and I are cruising in July. What is the best/most economical way to stay in touch through text with my husband who will be at home?
  6. OP again. As it has been 3 full days since I submitted the ES form, I did resubmit it. The lower fare is still available. Hoping this works out. Thanks for all the input!
  7. So, I admit, I did not see that part. But, that is not at all the reason they gave me for the denial. The original denial email said it was because the booking needed to be after final payment date and then, that I booked ES. I just wish that if this is the reason, I had been told that. Also, I don’t believe I qualify for ES since I booked only 71 days out. Also, never got a response to the ES form I did submit. Not at all impressed with Carnival’s customer service.
  8. OP here. There may very well be reasons it was denied that I don’t understand. Just wish those specific reasons were explained to me.
  9. I actually filled out both. I did the lowest price one first, when I saw the lower price. In the email where that was denied, they told me I had booked under ES and gave me the link to that firm which I also filled out. Haven’t gotten a response from that one.
  10. Would you just call the regular 800 number and talk to whomever answers?
  11. I booked and paid for the entire thing on May 7.I saw the new fare, which was a VIFP fare listed under My Offers, on May 8 and immediately filled out the form. The cabin that showed as available at that time (and is still available at that rate) was the one next door to mine, same category etc. Maybe I don't understand what final payment date is. ETA: I just looked up Carnival's Final Payment date and a chart shows that for 4-5 day cruises, which mine is 5 days, the final payment date is 75 days prior. If i booked 71 days out, shouldn't I be eligible?
  12. I booked a cruise on the Carnival website this past Sunday, May 7 for July 17, 2023. Monday morning the Carnival website had the same booking for $30 less pp. (same date, ship, category, cabin type) I filled out the Lowest Price form and very quickly got an email that it was denied. The denial explained that I had booked under Early Saver and could apply for a guarantee under that, but I booked only 71 days out from cruising so I did not think I would be eligible for Early Saver. I did fill out the ES form any way but have not gotten a response. I also replied to the original email and asked for clarification and basically they told me I wasn't eligible because "the 110% Lowest Price Guarantee is only eligible for individual reservations that are booked after final payment date". I don't understand this. How can you book a cabin after final payment date? Doesn't that become a different reservation? Also, the Carnival website doesn't say anything about booking after final payment date. It states: (copy and pasted) YOU’RE GETTING THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE… 110% GUARANTEED! If you find a better Carnival-advertised deal within two days of booking your cruise… well, we’re going to be very surprised. And then we’ll give you 110% of the difference in onboard credit! You can be confident that our prices are the lowest, so you can get on to more important things... like counting down the days until you sail! Just remember this: You have 48 hours from the time you book to find a lower price. Carnival will give you 110% of the difference in onboard credit. Lowest Price Guarantee only applies to publicly available rates. I did email again last night with my questions but have not gotten a response from them. Any help in understanding this would be appreciated.
  13. Planning to book a cabin for myself and my daughter. On the VERY off chance that my husband or son can come, and a larger cabin is still available, would I be able to add them and switch to a larger cabin, paying the difference in fare? Would I need to cancel and rebook? How is the money side handled? Thanks for any help!
  14. Anything you want to share. Good or bad.
  15. We don’t need frills. Basic hotel is fine. Would like to stay on the lower end price wise but want to be somewhere safe and clean.
  16. Looking for suggestions of a hotel in Charleston for one night before a cruise. We will not have a car. Airport or cruise port transportation would be a plus. It will be my daughter and I. Thank you!
  17. Considering a 5 day this summer with my daughter on the Sunshine. We've been on several Carnival cruises, but not since Covid. Any recent Sunshine cruisers want to share anything about your trip? Thank you!
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