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  1. Their ship that had the six cases this week was just like Carnival, a predominantly vaccinated cruise. It also required a negative test before boarding. Yet they still had cases onboard. Again, it is worth noting that 5 of those individuals had no symptoms and one very mild symptoms.
  2. It is important to remember that there are going to be cases on ships (as is also the case with everywhere you are in everyday life), maybe not all cruises, but at least some. RC's Adventure of the Seas had vaccine requirements for most guests, as well as a negative test before boarding requirement, yet still had six passengers test positive on the seven day cruise. Four of those were vaccinated and two were minors who were not vaccinated. It is also worth noting that only one of the six were showing any symptoms at all and those symptoms were mild. That is the the case with the overwhelmin
  3. I'm guessing (and it's only a guess based on current virus and other information) that the protocols in Nov/Dec will be similar to what they are now. I don't see them easing a whole lot unless the new covid case numbers drop quite a bit again in the next couple of months.
  4. It may change before then, but right now there are no camp ocean activities for children right now.
  5. We still haven't got one for our September 25 cruise, but it is updated in our planner.
  6. We are on that same cruise. Have been expecting the change since the Turks and Caicos website government site says that they are closed to cruise ships until at least September 30. When I checked my planner earlier this afternoon, Grand Turk was still listed, so it just got changed in the last couple of hours. Hoping for a good beach there as well.
  7. Our Sunrise cruise was just changed as well, though it was expected. No excursions are listed yet. Were there any excursions when you went? Can you just walk to the beach?
  8. I'm guessing a big reason is that Mobile ships always go to ports in Mexico and those ports are open. With several Caribbean ports still being closed (the popular ports of Grand Turk and Grand Cayman among them), I imagine it is hard to plan ports for more ships from the east coast. Half Moon Cay, Princess Cay, and the new port of Bimini can only handle one ship a day. It really just makes sense that they would open N.O. and Mobile before more east coast ports.
  9. I am with you on the itineraries, although I do have it booked for 2022 and 2023. Was originally supposed to be on it back in April.
  10. Obviously, Judge Merryday and the judges on the appeals court disagree with you or we wouldn't be having this discussion today. They have seen merit in the case, even saying there was a likelihood that it would prevail.
  11. Cruise lines may have seen the need to shut down temporarily. This was to figure out the best and safest path forward for them and their passengers. I highly doubt they wanted to stay shut for over a year as was mandated by the CDC's orders, with no real guidelines given on how to return until after the Florida lawsuit. Like every other business, they had the ability to develop protocols for their business to return. Just like every other business, the customer would make the ultimate decision on whether or not they were comfortable with those protocols. As far as being in a strong
  12. Yep. It certainly seemed to get them actually moving towards a plan to allow cruise ships to sail.
  13. The problem is, you wouldn't know. There are no testing or vaccination requirements, so you are essentially putting your trust in a mask or the fact that you are vaccinated. You could be sitting right next to someone who has covid. I'm sorry, but I disagree that is less of a risk than being on a cruise ship.
  14. That's assuming masks work. Not saying they do or don't, but if you knew the person sitting on the same row as you had covid, would you want to sit by them for two hours even with a mask on? Sorry, but I certainly wouldn't trust that mask to protect me.
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