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  1. We will be on board on Halloween. I plan on getting plenty of photos of our group in full costume including MASKS.
  2. Since OP is on a B2B and bring bottles on board in a port there is a good chance they will be returned the last night of the first week. I had a bottle returned on a B2B, but I know others who had it held until the last night of the second leg.
  3. I think everyone agrees with you that the intent is the second dose (if a two shot series). Where the question comes in is the actual wording from Royal Caribbean which has not been updated to reflect it as such even though the page has had many recent updates. Some cards list 1st & 2nd dose and booster, while others list 1st, 2nd and 3rd dose. Again while NOT the intent, as listed, the 3rd dose would be the final does. All Royal Caribbean guests age 12 and older must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination, with the final dose of their vaccine administered at least 14 days before sailing. We will continually evaluate these requirements and make updates as local public health standards evolve.
  4. I guess I'm just a lot older than you. My teacher said we wouldn't always have an abacus🧮 in our pocket.
  5. For the safety of all guests and crew, any decorations not made of fire retardant material or deemed flammable, will be removed. (Policy updated 31 October 2016)
  6. Yes bathroom doors are also metal, as are the ceilings.
  7. Same here. First time we had one on the Dream we were surprised it had the extra bathroom, but it was kind of a nice bonus. We did it again since then, and have it booked again for a B2B Jan 29 & Feb 6. I agree It would have been nicer with just a toilet and sink, but still a great room for the price. I can see where this would be a nice room for a family with a couple small children.
  8. What is the difference between a discounted rate and just a good sale? We recently had free casino offers approved. And it was even more than I expected. We have a B2B coming up in January (8day & 6day). I expected $100 & $50, but it was combined as a 14day for $250 and broken up $100 on the 8day (first leg) & $150 on the 6day. I guess the reasoning could be if the they payed the higher amount on the first leg and the second part was cancelled they wouldn't be paying out an extra bonus.
  9. I think they watch the art auction attendance to see how many suckers are on board. If they have a good turn out there, they know they have a good chance to sell out the gold by the inch.😁
  10. Why would anyone want to attempt to circumvent any fire safety rules on a cruise ship?
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