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  1. Does anyone know how this new policy will affect those of us who are Elite and choose to change out the mini bar for 2 coffee cards (in the past)? Thanks, msk1
  2. I have searched for this form. We are Elite on Princess and that form is easily available. Does anyone have a link for Holland? Looking forward to our first Holland cruise this summer. Thanks in advance! MSK1
  3. Thanks SO much for the helpful replies! We sure appreciate it! msk1
  4. I've made it through 68 pages but have still not found an answer to this question: Will we have brewed, with milk, hot chocolate? Not the powder packet?? We have enjoyed this so often aboard Princess and hope to enjoy it on the Veendam next summer. Thanks for the help! msk1
  5. We are just off the ship in Sydney. We left behind a 10" Samsung tablet with stickers on the back saying "Rebecca." We have posted on the Roll Call and notified Lost and Found. We have been told it would be a minimum of 4-6 weeks for an answer due to customs. We are hoping the ever vigilant Cruise Critic community may be able to help. Cabin e 425 . Please contact us if any information. Thanks in advance~! msk1 ms.msk1@yahoo.com
  6. We are Australia/New Zealand. Listed currency is AUD but as US citizens we would prefer to cash out with USD. Thoughts? msk1
  7. We are traveling on the Golden this summer. Does anyone know if cashing out OBC can be done in USD rather than AUD? AUD is the "listed" currency on board. We have an overflow of OBC which needs to be redeemed. All excursions, dinners, etc. already paid so we have no other "use." Not wanting to purchase 25 yards of gold, spas, etc. Thanks, msk1
  8. Looking for a good recommendation for a shuttle from Sydney airport to hotel district of Circular Quay. We need a van for 3 with 6 bags. There is such a variety of offerings we'd appreciate some first hand experience. Negatives would be good to know as well. Thanks so much in advance! msk1
  9. Using Facebook Messenger allows us to have a viewed one-on-one conversation with those at home. This is even better than the international phone call mentioned above. Clearly this burns minutes quickly. Hence the request for the minor's internet minutes to be made available as well. Several posters have noted the readily available Princess "policy" of which we are well aware. It is only through numerous requests are policies often re-evaluated, e.g., smoking, etc. Yes, often the "squeaky" wheel does merit attention and often change. I do believe there are a significant number who may have interest in this concern. msk1
  10. Precisely the reason for this thread! Thank you Astro Flyer for your usual, reasoned response! msk1
  11. Facetime with an adult is a terrific way to keep in touch while traveling. msk1
  12. Clearly it has been "noticed"...hence the question. Princess' reply suggested that if interest is there it might be re-considered. Positive suggestions would be appreciated. msk1
  13. We are Elite and traveling with our 4 year old Platinum granddaughter. We are scheduled out for a 25 day cruise and would like her to be able to communicate with her parents while we are gone. Her earned Platinum status provides her with a significant internet allowance--but Princess, as a matter of "policy" will not allow her to utilize this benefit. We have contacted Princess numerous times on this matter in the past. The response is always "no one ever requests this benefit." Has anyone else asked about this situation? We would appreciate any input to support our request. msk1
  14. We have been twice while on the California Coastal cruise. Our 4 year old loved it! Once off the ship (tender port) walk right up the boardwalk where you will be met by numerous Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce folks who direct you to the tram which will directly transport you for 50 cents! Be sure to ask for the zoo tram in particular. If you are able bring a piece of cardboard for sliding in the children's area. It's a big hit! msk1
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