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  1. We applied for and were provided an exemption also. We received an email with confirmation letter attached, including all of the conditions, verifying that we were good to go. I would contact customerrelations@princesscruises.com with your exemption request in the subject line and remind them to send your official letter. You cannot board without it! msk
  2. We received the exemption letter via email straight away, the very day. Essentially since we contacted Princess prior to final payment (with plenty of time to follow their directions) we were within the "5%" allowed on board (minors only). There are restrictions which are clearly delineated on the website health protocols. Nothing too taxing--worth the try. We both called (hours) as well as emailed, We think the email was more effective?? msk
  3. Update this morning~~after 1 hour wait on hold Customer Relations provided necessary info. The required letter was received this very day--not the 3-5 days they had suggested. All worked out well! msk
  4. Small size fettucine Alfredo is readily available. Any "regular" entree can be provided meat-free. We have found waitstaff to be very accomodating. A polite request with the Maitre'D does the trick. msk
  5. We are trying to do our due diligence in acquiring a vaccine exemption for our 9yr old granddaughter who is unable to take the vaccine. We have spent hours on hold with Customer Relations and were told today the wait would be "at least 4 hours." Has anyone else had occasion to follow this Princess protocol and how/what would you recommend in getting this done? We sail in July, final payment is due in April. We really need some help!! Advice please. BTW, we have already emailed CustomerRelations@Princesscruises.com with no response so far. Thanks in advance! msk
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