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  1. We received the exemption letter via email straight away, the very day.  Essentially since we contacted Princess prior to final payment (with plenty of time to follow their directions) we were within the "5%" allowed on board (minors only).  There are restrictions which are clearly delineated on the website health protocols.  Nothing too taxing--worth the try.  We both called (hours) as well as emailed,  We think the email was more effective??



  2. We are trying to do our due diligence in acquiring a vaccine exemption for our 9yr old granddaughter who is unable to take the vaccine.  We have spent hours on hold with Customer Relations and were told today the wait would be "at least 4 hours."  Has anyone else had occasion to follow this Princess protocol and how/what would you recommend in getting this done?  We sail in July, final payment is due in April.  We really need some help!!  Advice please.  BTW, we have already emailed CustomerRelations@Princesscruises.com with no response so far.


    Thanks in advance!



  3. We are just off the ship in Sydney. We left behind a 10" Samsung tablet with stickers on the back saying "Rebecca." We have posted on the Roll Call and notified Lost and Found. We have been told it would be a minimum of 4-6 weeks for an answer due to customs. We are hoping the ever vigilant Cruise Critic community may be able to help. Cabin e 425 . Please contact us if any information.


    Thanks in advance~!




  4. We are traveling on the Golden this summer. Does anyone know if cashing out OBC can be done in USD rather than AUD? AUD is the "listed" currency on board. We have an overflow of OBC which needs to be redeemed. All excursions, dinners, etc. already paid so we have no other "use." Not wanting to purchase 25 yards of gold, spas, etc.





  5. The key to one possible solution is in your first sentence: "We are Elite..." That implies there are two of you in the cabin with free internet minutes that can be shared with your granddaughter. This would allow you to have her share emails, possibly some photos. At 4 years old you would be composing or reading any communications anyhow, which can be done offline, linking online just to send/receive the communication.


    We have noted that even on a 17 day cruise, we rarely use up one of our Elite internet benefits' set minutes, so that is why the suggestion that you share.


    If you are considering some high bandwidth streaming application, you are probably also aware that these can consume minutes quickly with possible delays due to bandwidth, if supported at all by the onboard servers. You might consider an international phone so when you are in port you can have her at least say "Hi Mommy/Daddy" and hear a voice response. Just a thought.


    You might receive some more practical suggestions when you share exactly what kind of communications your are expecting a 4 year old to be having with her parents. There may be someone with experience in how to do this economically.


    Way back in the 1990's when we queried "why the restriction for under 18" we were told there was some sort of legal issue dealing with a minor that restricted Princess from granting benefits and Captain's Circle status to minors. I think it had something to do with needing a parent/guardian to administer the benefit, adding needless complication. (I could be remembering incorrectly).



    Using Facebook Messenger allows us to have a viewed one-on-one conversation with those at home. This is even better than the international phone call mentioned above. Clearly this burns minutes quickly. Hence the request for the minor's internet minutes to be made available as well.


    Several posters have noted the readily available Princess "policy" of which we are well aware. It is only through numerous requests are policies often re-evaluated, e.g., smoking, etc. Yes, often the "squeaky" wheel does merit attention and often change. I do believe there are a significant number who may have interest in this concern.



  6. I'm confused because you "noticed" the Princess rules that 'fishywood' posted but you say that she has "earned" Platinum status & that they "will not allow her to utilize this benefit". You "noticed" the rules that clearly states that passengers under 18 are not eligible for any Captain's Circle benefits so how has she earned anything to be denied benefits?


    You appear to want them to change their rules which is understandable & appropriate to me. I'm doubtful that no one requests the internet benefit for minors which is the primary benefit of being Platinum. However such requests may not happen often after reading the rules & there may not be many Platinum & above minors.


    Another factor could be minors exceeding their free minutes limit & having to deal with an upset adult passenger sailing with them who doesn't want to pay the extra charges. Although it might be possible to limit usage to the free minutes only to avoid that situation.


    Maybe you & others in the same situation could get them to change their policy to allow the free internet benefit for passengers under 18...I wish you good luck. Sometimes Princess responds positively to logical passenger input when a policy could be better & maybe they'll change this policy for free internet minutes. :)


    Precisely the reason for this thread! Thank you Astro Flyer for your usual, reasoned response!



  7. It seems the exception to this is for Princess insurance coverage. My two kids always get offered the "Platinum Upgrade" for insurance, even though technically they shouldn't be getting any benefits of having reached this status. Interestingly, when I book them they always shows as elite but they have always been given the blue cards and no benefits other than the free upgrade for insurance.



    On a side note, I'm pretty impressed that a 4 year old would be computer savvy enough to need those internet benefits! My 10 year old emails her friends while onboard but I have more than enough minutes that she can just use mine!


    Facetime with an adult is a terrific way to keep in touch while traveling.



  8. https://book.princess.com/captaincircle/contactUs.page


    Straight from the Circle Center:



    Sorry but there is no such animal as "under age Platinum benefits". Until she turns 18 your granddaughter gets the first-timer's blue cruise card--something that certainly should have been noticed by now if she has reached 5 cruises and/or 50 days before her first day of kindergarten.


    Clearly it has been "noticed"...hence the question. Princess' reply suggested that if interest is there it might be re-considered. Positive suggestions would be appreciated.



  9. We are Elite and traveling with our 4 year old Platinum granddaughter. We are scheduled out for a 25 day cruise and would like her to be able to communicate with her parents while we are gone. Her earned Platinum status provides her with a significant internet allowance--but Princess, as a matter of "policy" will not allow her to utilize this benefit. We have contacted Princess numerous times on this matter in the past. The response is always "no one ever requests this benefit." Has anyone else asked about this situation? We would appreciate any input to support our request.



  10. Can anyone give feedback if it is worth it to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo? Also, how far is it from the port and how can you get there since there are no excursions offered from Princess. Thanks



    We have been twice while on the California Coastal cruise. Our 4 year old loved it! Once off the ship (tender port) walk right up the boardwalk where you will be met by numerous Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce folks who direct you to the tram which will directly transport you for 50 cents! Be sure to ask for the zoo tram in particular. If you are able bring a piece of cardboard for sliding in the children's area. It's a big hit!



  11. We are booked on a segment of a world cruise. We have been anxiously awaiting the availablity of excursions. Yesterday they were finally "posted." A particular offering we have been anticipating has two times available, one in the morning (3 1/2 hrs) and one in the afternoon (3 1/2 hrs). The morning option has 15 of 20 seats available. The afternoon 20/20 open. Price for the morning (same exact excursion) is $20 more than the afternoon. I called Princess to ask why the difference and was referred to the Excursion desk, customer relations, etc. Bottom line I was told "their are more seats available in the afternoon so the price is less." The Customer Relations rep agreed with me that the policy is ridiculous but she was powerless to do anything. Has anyone else encountered this situation? The rep suggested I contact the pre-cruise desk (in the process). I reminded the Excursions rep that with 7 ports/stops Princess was about to lose a whole lot more than the $20 difference. This seems quite contrary to reasonable customer service. I would appreciate comments from others.




  12. We have cruised many times with Princess and are booked for the 25 day LA-Sydney next July. To those of you who have done the long cruises please let us know if the menus are repeated after two weeks or are they new the entire time? We have searched past forums but they are several years old and hoping for some up to date responses. Thanks in advance for your insights.



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