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  1. Thank you. So she will be exempt because she has a state of Florida disabled veteran tag.
  2. I am leaving this Saturday for a Cruise out of Miami, I have parked before at the terminal ., I don't mind paying for the fees , due to the the safety of my vehicle. This time traveling with my Aunt who is a disable veteran , and I have read that if you have specialty tag , you will be exempt from parking fees., Is this correct and does anyone know the process. Thank you.
  3. Anniexrec

    Xplor Park

    We thought of it doing on our own, however, you have to make sure you have water taxi times so you don't miss the boat., if going to the main land from cozumel, the cruise ship charters a ferry. I wouldn't risk it , plus it really isn't much more .
  4. ? Have a cruised booked in Feb for 3 adults on the Seaside, Balcony cabin on Deck 14. Fantastica experience. The difference to upgrade to a Balcony cabin with Aurea experience has a $450. total difference. I'm leaning towards the upgrade. Does anyone know does the perks for free massage , only for the first two , or all three. As well as the passes to the spa.
  5. I am trying to search on example MSC board for price match., Anyway that can be done?
  6. Thank you everyone for the heads up!
  7. Cruising on the Seaside in February. Will you be able to make reservations to shows prior to sailing?
  8. Anniexrec

    Xplor Park

    We were there this past Jan, cruised with Celebrity., we only had 4 signed up with our group, Cause most of the passengers were much older., lol. We also there in Jan 2015. This last time we actually had a guide that got us on thing quickly especially the zip lines., I don't think you will be too back with crowds., it really wasn't both times we were there, but if your ship gets there early, it will be a breeze. I remember riding the zip lines the first time, and when we returned our equipment there was a little bit of line. The buffet is excellent. Bring water shoes, it's a must. Bring your towel change of clothes, they have showers and lockers. Lots of fun
  9. I was able to upgrade thru MSC website, upgraded from Easy to Premium. 7 night cruise on Seaside, total cost was 189.00. Hope this helps.
  10. Is the Fantasia category , really worth it. vs Bella.? We are book for Feb in Fantasia, deck 14. have easy drink which we upgraded to premium. Can get Bella cabin for almost 600 bucks cheaper, may down grade cat. Not sure, would like opinions . ty
  11. Since the MSC Seaside does not leave until 7pm. What is the earliest for Embarkation?
  12. Offers for pass cruisers while on the ship?
  13. ? What are the current prices for MSC Funpass? Any pics of the currently?
  14. ? So what are examples of Flexible onboard offers for pass cruisers on MSC?
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