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  1. Thanks for the update, I appreciate it. We have filed with Mass Attorney General's Office but have not heard back yet but it's nice to know we will get a name. In March (?) Vantage sent a letter saying we would get a full refund. We just got a form letter from Vantage in response to our registered letter we sent to the company president.
  2. Wow! This could be great news if they follow through. Please do keep us posted.
  3. Oh no, Bornfreenowexpensive, I'm sorry you're in the same mess we are, but I'm glad to not be alone. We have not filed with the Mass Attorney General yet. If you decide to file a class action law suit (the idea had crossed my mind) please message me. Good idea on the Boston media. We travel a lot and never have we experienced anything like this and we started trying to get our money back, pre-Covid. Take care
  4. Thank you. We have a letter from them from months ago saying they would send a full refund. They are not offering vouchers. A couple of months ago they offered us a deal to switch to a different cruise. We didn’t take it, as we would just like our money back as they agreed to in the letter they sent months and months ago. We have a really negative opinion of the company after the hassle getting our airfare back (which we did ultimately did) and don’t want to do any business with them. And now they say “no timeline for refunds” and in talking to the director of customer satisf
  5. Yep, at 3% we fully agree, we have credit cards with cash back or miles for the 2-3% range, but this was 10% which was a sizable savings but we won’t be doing it again!
  6. Thank you. We are trusting, not anymore. We also always usually buy our own independent insurance and this time for some inexplicable reason we went with their insurance. We are careful but we were going with friends who had been on Vantage before so we skipped some due diligence skips. We now stand to lose a lot of money and have made a potential very expensive mistake. We are contacting an attorney, small claims court in MA is limited to $7,000 so we need to do more than that .
  7. Hello all, So sorry to trouble you again but your wisdom was wonderful last time. Last time, I got your insights when we canceled our air with Vantage and were having trouble getting a refund. Then in the end of Feb we decided to cancel the entire trip (an expensive trip for us - over $8,000 to have taken place in July). Cut to bottom line - we still don't have a refund. And foolish us - we paid in full because their discount was good. We've called regularly, spoken with various people about 6 weeks ago the Director Guest Experience(I'm not sure that is her exact title a
  8. Yep, it was a great discount and we did take advantage of it. But, points well taken Rorygirl4528
  9. Good News! The refund for our airfare is in our bank account as of this morning! I really appreciate your support and all of your amazing insights, guidance and helpful approaches. This is a wonderful community. Rorygirl4528 - indeed that would have been a good idea however Vantage offered a good discount if we paid in full upfront and we did so we were in a position of getting refunds. Cheers!
  10. Thank you Peregrina651! This is very helpful information! I will go to the web site now. I agree, an attorney intervention is a last resort. We just noted the legal action piece from the terms and conditions sections (and that makes sense they are located in Boston.) We really do appreciate all of the suggestions and insights. In all of our travels, we've never had a single problem so we're in new territory here.
  11. Thanks for the insights Showshoe Cat. Our friends have taken trips with them in the past and enjoyed them, that's why we decided to give them a try. I'm regretting that decision now since there are so many great companies we could travel with instead. Thank you pully8. Great idea - we are in California and will contact a Consumer Protection Agency if our registered letter doesn't yield results soon. Yes, we have carefully read the terms and conditions. We don't want to involve an attorney unless it is absolutely necessary but according to their terms and conditions legal
  12. Yikes, we have not! We will. How could we overlook that critical step? I hope a clear paper trail isn’t necessary but it might well be. Thanks so much Hoyaheel for this critical suggestion.
  13. We'll keep you posted on the outcome dogs4fun. We're quite concerned, being on the "high priority" list for a refund isn't reassuring at all. Early on there was at least one other warning bell we ignored - a customer service rep strongly insisted our cruise was leaving from a different port than it is and it was only when we got to different person we were reassured that indeed we were leaving from where we thought we were. We have worked directly with cruise lines before without a single issue so this is really surprising for us. It is a shame we don't have a g
  14. Thanks for the reality check CPT travels! It doesn’t make sense at all to us and we travel a lot (both cruise and non-cruise), have great experiences and nothing remotely like this. We’re planning on checking our travel insurance tonight. All sorts of alarm bells are going off in my head as we try to deal with this problem and wonder what it portends.
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