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  1. Thank you Kernow :) The pool isn’t a big deal for us (not sure we’ve been in one on any of the cruises we’ve been on) but this cruise would be different as we wouldn’t really be leaving the ship much (if at all) so that’s good to know. really appreciate you answering :)
  2. A question for Kernow (or any others who have already sailed on Virtuosa) if that’s OK? Our favourite cruise so far was on NCL’s Getaway for a number of reasons including the excellent outside space / walking deck (7 I think) which has lots of outside bars / restaurant seating and the ability to walk almost all the way around the entire deck. We loved the ability to be outside relaxing (and walking). Is there anything similar? Not a jogging or walking track in itself as I imagine one of those exists but more an outside entertainment / walking space? thanks so much 🙂
  3. What a lovely trip report. Thank you so much for sharing! Did you consider overnighting before boarding? We are closer to S’ton than you (in Exeter) and thought we would probably do that but I guess it depends partly on the boarding time.
  4. This has been an invaluable thread - hovering to book the July 3rd sailing. Thanks so much !
  5. Loving this review! We sailed out of NOLA on the Getaway Feb 2nd so I have loved every minute of your trip report so far.
  6. I’ve been wearing the Freestyle Libre for nearly five years (transformed my life, honestly). I’ve been through 100s of airport scanners and on and off a few cruise ships - including most recently NCL Getaway, this month. No issues, no need to declare it. If I get a ‘pat down’ imposed I make them aware so they don’t accidentally knock it off.
  7. Thank you for sharing your review and I hope you’re still enjoying your holiday. It was very useful for me as we are flying the same route as you in Jan, ready to board Getaway on Feb 2nd. First time on NCL for a long time!
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