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  1. I got my refund for my April 4th sailing today. I asked for the refund on March 13th. So 34 business days from the date requested. Still waiting for refund of April 16th cruise.
  2. I was told 30 days for my canceled April 16 cruise.
  3. Happy you're home safe. Around here if you get to the store very early, like at opening time, you are much more likely to find what you need. Just an idea. I'm sheltering in place since Monday because of my age and asthma. No telling when I'll get out again. Luckliy I have my daughter who can get things if I need it. I stocked up and should be ok for about 3 weeks.
  4. I don't know maybe only 7 days. Hopefully you'll just check out and go home as usual. And try to find some toilet paper someplace. Lol. Some stores have a lot of bare shelves. Stay healthy.
  5. Have any of you heard if you'll be quarantined for 14 days when you get back? My daughter knows someone who just got back from a Caribbean cruise that left from Florida and they are quarantined.
  6. So that's where the number came from. We're scheduled to cruise April 16th and have not been notified that it's cancelled but I'm sure it will be. We couldn't go anyway since I would not be able to get a doctors note. I have asthma. Hope you enjoy your last day on board tomorrow.
  7. Someone on social media says 89 cases of Noro on board. Hope that's not true.
  8. Yes I know that. I was referring to cruises from Baltimore in April 2021 not Grandeur cruises specifically.
  9. Oh yes we were. We said we would not cruise in March again. But I can't find any 12 day cruises from Baltimore in April 2021 so looks like we might be cruising in March next year.
  10. Safe travels home! I live near Richmond and it has been cool here for a few days.
  11. Yes. I cancelled my internet package through cruise planner a little over a week ago and no refund yet.
  12. So happy to be able to get a refund for our April 4th sailing. We were booked for a back to back and will not do the second sailing on April 16th. Not canceling yet. Will wait to see if it will be canceled . Where are you today? Hope you can get off.
  13. I want my money back but am wondering if they will have enough money for everyone who wants refunds. Hopefully they will let us know soon.
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