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  1. Real key lime pie does not have meringue on top! Just a small dollop of whip cream.
  2. You can poke the straw through the hole then pull the straw out. You'll have a small hole and you can squeeze the container to get the milk out.
  3. I'm enjoying your review. Looks like you're having a great time. Sure would like to see some of these epic scopes of Rick's but they disappear too quickly! Have a great day today.
  4. We've cruised out of Baltimore many times. When we parked at the port the line was moving before 9:30. We dropped off luggage, paid for parking, parked the car and were inside by 10 am. Of course if the ship is late getting back that will change things.
  5. You will have to decide for yourself but for me I agree with this. I'm claustrophobic and could never stay in an inside room. Lots of folks love them. At least it's a short cruise so maybe you should try it.
  6. You have to be back by 4:30 for 5 pm departure. That's cutting it very close. Personally I wouldn't chance it. We do independent tours all the time but we do them in the morning so we have plenty of time to get back.
  7. Holland House sounds nice. Once you get off the water taxi how do you get there? Thanks!
  8. It's been about 2 years ago when Grandeur stopped opening the casino and shops the first night. At the time I think they said it was because of some new state law. But that can't be right since Carnival can still open. I'm happy to know this since we just booked the Pride for a cruise.
  9. This is interesting. I have sailed on Grandeur out of Baltimore a few times and a couple of years ago they stopped opening the casino and shops the first night out. They open them the next morning.
  10. I used to spend a lot of time (and money) in the casino but now that it is the only indoor area for smoking I just can't stay in there long. The smell is awful and even drifts out into the Centrum area.
  11. Formal nights used to be smoke free on Grandeur. But for some reason they stopped doing that a few years ago.
  12. Are the fridges empty or stocked with drinks you can buy? Haven't cruised with carnival in 5 years and wondering if they are empty now. On RCCL they have been empty for a few years now. Thanks
  13. I guess we're not linked in the C&A program since we get our own gifts sailing in the same room.
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