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  1. And I'm pretty sure they were! And it wasn't 7-10 days it was 1 1/2 days. It was also past the 90 days they had originally promised. (more like 100+)
  2. Thanks all but guess what ? 2 days after my call my account showed that I was credited for the full amount of my cruise. Hmm coincidence? I think not.
  3. and where to be found? Although I still have the email that NCL received the refund request form and to allow them the 90 days, I think my bank wants proof of the form i filled out on March 24th. I would think the email was enough but I want to cover all bases. (that email was very vague) I called NCL and they said they did refund me but I have absolutely no credit on my Visa as of today. SO I would like to print out the actual refund form and let Visa handle it. I have all other paper work besides this. Thanks in advance!!
  4. my March 28th cruise was cancelled and I filled out the refund form on March 24th. Still no email or refund. Should I be worried or just keep waiting? ugh
  5. Did you get a confirmation email? I'm worried about that thanks!
  6. My brother had a 5 day Celebrity cruise scheduled for Easter break to Mexico out of Miami no insurance and fully paid for. He gave it a shot and called Celebrity with his concerns. They are being very understanding and gave him a voucher to postpone his cruise. Good for a year. So it's not advertised but it seems like you can indeed get credit! His neighbor had the same experience with Viking. My similar cruise is with NCL March 28th not sure what to do!😒
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