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  1. The money covering TA OBC is sent to Celebrity corporate about a week or 2 prior to sailing. That information is transmitted from Celebrity corporate to the ship on turn around day. The reason everything is done so close to the sail date is the cruise lines don't want the funds in their system until there is the slimmest of chances, like 99.5%, that the reservation won't cancel. This avoids added labor and time needed to process and refund cancelled TA OBC or other perks.
  2. Bayonne is covered above as Cape Liberty. Port Canaveral is not a Celebrity home or departure port. The Summit will sail 5 Fall 2020 and 5 Fall 2021 cruises from Boston.
  3. Will they think you are nuts to get on a ship with only 2500 people on it? Will they think you are nuts to go to a sporting event with 25,000 people in attendance? Will they think you are nuts to fly on an airplane with 250 people on it? Will they think you are nuts to go to a theater, concert or show with 1250 other people there? Will they think you are nuts to get on a bus with 25 people on it? Will they think you are nuts to get on an elevator with 6 people on it? Pay attention to the science, medical and travel advice
  4. More March Sadness The first round matchup Brackets.... Coronavirus vs Chicken Pox Measles vs Polio SARS vs Strep Cholera vs Influenza Ebola vs Mumps Malaria vs Zika Smallpox vs Rubella Botulism vs Swine Flu Chicken pox and mumps don't have a chance, but rubella or polio could spring an early upset.
  5. The agent should have provided you with a 7 character cancellation confirmation that starts with the letter Z. As an example, it would be formatted like this: Z573W2K.
  6. Princess offer for guests who keep their bookings – March 6—May 31, 2020 Guests who choose to keep their booking as currently scheduled for departures between March 6 and May 31 will receive the following Onboard Credit amounts (Note: OBC is automatically applied, no need to call Princess): $100USD $150USD $200USD Looks like you can add HAL and Princess to the lines offering this same inducement. Despite your different socioeconomic background dig at Carnival cruisers, the HAL and PCL customers seem to be displaying the same tears of joy.
  7. Up to 48 hours prior to sailing date. You get a 100% Future Cruise Credit for any penalties. You then have 1 year from the date of issue to use the FCC to book another Celebrity cruise departing by December 31, 2021.
  8. Perhaps at the tippity top, if the agent deals in high end travel, or large corporate group accounts you are right.
  9. While a $100,000 loss in gross business is nothing to sneeze at, top producing agents will have $2 - $3 Million in annual sales on the books.
  10. On a Harmony Of The Seas deck plan, Cabin 6302 is below 7302.
  11. At a store or a restaurant you are physically presenting a card that can be swiped at the establishment and authenticated thru embedded coding and either accepted or declined instantly via the establishment's POS system that is connected to the business's main headquarters. A non Interbank Gift Card transaction online thru a cruiseline website requires a different level of security authentication for both your and the cruise line's protection.. Royal Caribbean is not The Cheesecake Factory.
  12. Crown & Anchor Society 800-526-9723 Mon-Fri 8am-11pm EST / Sat-Sun 9am-8pm EST
  13. I think if you had to prioritize the Top 10 things that Guest Services has to deal with on turnaround/boarding day, cabin upsells would not even make the list.
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