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  1. Hello everyone, Booked our first trip on RCCL, the Oasis of the Seas in October. After extensive digging, I booked an Ocean View under the cantilevered hot tubs, cabin 14558 based on a specific Cruise Critic thread (https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1733402-oasis-14th-deck-overhang/) which raved about 14558. I booked for added shade (I love the Cove balconies on Carnival..they have lifeboats above, enclosed, and shaded...) and I figured this would get me a similar experience (not sun worshippers here). We also know that those cabins on the Vista class (and dream) often are under the Galley and we had noise before which was like pots/pans clanging, I imagine this wouldn't be anything like that? Does anyone have experience with this cabin in terms of noise? I seem to find mixed reviews on cabins under the hot-tubs (no scraping noise, but loud noise from the hot tub jets is most common) but I can't find anything to counter the review I read above. We also love the location for the kids club and access to the Solarium so would prefer not to move... Any thoughts on this?
  2. I wonder the same thing. Booked our first Royal Caribbean cruise on Oasis in October (Oct 4) and CruiseTimeTables show Oasis, Navigator, and Majesty at CocoCay on Oct 7th. But if I look at the cruise ship schedule through that cruise-crew website it only shows Oasis on the 7th and Majesty/Mariner a day earlier? I mocked booked both ships and they show the 7th....Hopefully not!
  3. We just did a cruise on the Vista in Galveston. Usually get FTTF but wasn't able to snag this round. Honestly, it was probably not worth getting. Our check-in time was 12-1, but we got there at 11 (with my parents who are platinum) and we waited in almost no lines. WE got through the check-in/security at a bout 1120, and then went upstairs and waited for boarding which started around 1145? PLatinum and FTTF were on by 12, and we started boarding (Group A05) about 5-10 mins later. We were on-board, eating, by 1230. WE also had all our bags at our room when it was ready at 1:30. Easy!
  4. I am stressing and feel terrible. I had a nice pair of slacks I had for elegant night along with some button down shirts and nice dress shoes. However, I forgot the slacks at home and I feel terrible as my wife and kids have outfits they brought. I do have a nice pair of darker jeans and nice belt... And yes I know people hate jeans on elegant night, but I don't want my family or myself, if possible, to miss out because of me and we are pretty firm on eating as a family. What should I do?? I really want to go. Will carnival deny me if I try going in with these darker jeans, nice belt, nice shoes, and nice button down/polo? It's very much business casual style. We are leaving today, no time to get replacement. Thanks
  5. This is spot on. I have a Galaxy Watch and S10+...you need to have WIFI turned on the phone to receive updates to the phone on the Hub App AND you have to turn BLUETOOTH back on to have the watch sync with the phone. The BLUETOOTH is the biggest item, most people don't realize that Bluetooth also gets disabled when the phone is set to airplane mode.
  6. Completely agree on this about Matt on our Vista cruise in 2016. WE had NEVER really noticed our cruise directors before, but wow indeed. He was everywhere (and we didn't do many events), all the time, and genuinely tried to make sure you had a good time. I am bummed to find out he will be on a short break in October from the Vista when we will be on again. While not having him won't ruin the cruise, he was pretty fantastic and I get the hype that a GOOD cruise director can do.
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