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  1. When you really don't believe you are in danger if you don't wear a mask.
  2. A teenage boy gets a date for the prom and has to get a tux. When he’s at the tuxedo store there’s a long line. Finally, he gets his tux. Then he wants to get flowers but when he gets to the flower store there’s a long line. Finally, he gets his flowers. Then he wants to order a limo but when he gets to the limo store there’s a long line. Finally, he gets his limo. On prom night he and his date are dancing and when the music stopped she asked if he could get her some punch so he went to the punch table there was no punch line.
  3. So, at that point would the answer be zero????
  4. Whether there are parentheses or not there is a correct order for each. Imagine designing a bridge and saying "well it could be 10 or 28, it doesn't matter."
  5. If a "two o'clock" is worth 2 because a "three o'clock" is worth 3, and the value of the cookie is determined by the number of chips then the CORRECT answer is 2+1+1x7 or 10. Take it from a professional engineer. Because there are no parentheses, the cookie only multiplies the single banana, not all the terms.
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