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  1. The coffee machine on the Summit is NOT behind the bar on the Summit
  2. Yes...we book suite and hope for the best neighbors. We have booked the same cruise for 8 years and this was the first time we had a problem with kids next door. In Luminae we never saw kids eating. This cruise there was a 17 month old child that was with his parents and grandparents. Extremely well behaved, but one or two times he became restless. They took "Harris" out for a walk. That's intelligent and showing good parenting. Everyone knew "Harris" in Luminae because he was so adorable and well behaved. I love Luminae because of the quiet dining and also because we can order from the MDR menu as well. It usually takes 2 hours to finish your meal, but doesn't have the hustle and bustle, plate dropping and crashing, etc. as the MDR.
  3. We are on the Summit right now. For some reason or another we have $875 obviously. We are in a suite, so we basically get everything we need. So far we have spent $20 in casino (a waste of time and $$), $60 on an excursion and $100 for booze for my son....anyone need some credit...hahaha:D;p:')
  4. Been their ...done that...nothing changed. I’ve noticed that at Luminea the parents are eating without the kids...I guess they want quiet time, sol leave them on the balcony...pathetic that anyone can be a parent nowadays. No license or experience or training needed. Just let the patients run the asylum.:mad:
  5. Still contend...teach your children to respect others...no bratty behavior is going to dictate when I should go on vacation. Obviously their parents are to ignorant to know better. Their children’s poor behavior and bringing up should not be a guest problem....
  6. I guess the posters who said “travel when kids aren’t off from school” don’t realize adults are their teachers and are entitled to take a vacay when they want. They shouldn’t have to encounter poorly brought up children. The solution of not traveling when the kids travel is just an ignorant statement but is not a solution. A solution would be to teach your children, and not expect people to do what “YOU” were suppose to do.
  7. Unfortunately you are so correct. As to the posters who say take your vacations when kids are in school...my wife and I would also be in school as we are teachers...
  8. I am not a confrontational person. They should have enough common sense to control their children. Not my job. :(
  9. No embellishments here....they were on the balcony at 6:30 this morning. We couldn’t even enjoy the decking of the boat. They are conversing extremely loud and running around the deck. I will take the advice of posters and call security...I even know the names of the kids, because they are yelling at each other.
  10. :mad: I’ve read for years about chair hogs on CC, but on this cruise I’ve encountered a new low. Inconsiderate cruisers...especially parents of younger cruisers. They have the attitude that they are on vacation and they don’t care about the other cruisers on the ship. They let their children(?) run amok,yell on the balcony without any care about the people also on their balcony. That’s because the parents are probably at the pool. How safe is that. We have a balcony but can even enjoy it because the children on constantly on it ...screaming,yelling and banging on the partition. My wife and I wanted to have breakfast on the balcony this morning...it was a beautiful morning..but we had the butler bring our breakfast inside. It was unbearable,rude and extremely inconsiderate. What should we do, any suggestions when be appreciated.
  11. Who is Michael that the club is named after. We love MC on the Summit.
  12. July 29th cruise, 8th time on this ship to Bermuda....
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