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  1. Morning PC. I cancelled our cruise before it was cancelled by Marella, I’m not sure if it has been cancelled or not at this moment, given the lifting of some travel restrictions,we were due to sail on the 25th July. Our TA said we would lose our deposit (£500) but this was back in March and I figured it was a price worth paying for peace of mind. Do you think I should get onto the TA and push for a refund? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. No cruises taking place (and this is ‘Cruise Critic’) so not really surprising. Discussions about refunds, or not, has been done to death by now, so nothing to talk about on here sadly. If I ever go on another cruise, which looks unlikely, it won’t be with Marela.
  3. You may as well take it ASAP Pc. Nobody is cruising anytime soon me thinks. We’re all going to be locked up at the weekend anyway! Anybody want my stash of euros cheap?
  4. I take it most people book direct with TUI? I booked with a well known on line cruise company and have been told 10 weeks before I see the refund of my deposit. A lesson learnt! However, I doubt we will cruise again, which is a shame.
  5. Not cruise related but my son ‘escaped’ Spain over the weekend, driving non stop overnight. They left a cat they had adopted over there ready to come to uk. Now Spain has shut down ‘La Gata’ is costing £10 a night until they can release her for the flight. I can’t see an end to this any time soon. Cruise companies, airlines, retail businesses, they are all very vulnerable. Dunno about you but on so many levels, I’m worried! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I contacted my (on line) TA this morning just to check my refund is going to happen. Her reply was ‘to be honest, all refunds are taking up to 10 weeks now as due to the number of customers we are having to cancel please just bear with us we are at the moment dealing with people stuck in other countries to get them back and informing on cancellations going in the next few days .’ So there it is, it will understandably take a while but it’s a relief to I will get it eventually. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Just heard that Madeira is not only closed to cruise ships, but flights in are also banned! Just out of interest.
  8. Pleased to hear the TUI refund notice still stands. Being a sceptic, I was pretty sure they would get out of it if they could. I’m going to ring my TA tomorrow for an update. If I get any news I’ll post it on here. if mrs S2B and I are trapped for 4 months together, this may be my last post, I won’t survive!
  9. The link was indeed there on Friday, it was what my TA referenced when told her on government advice I wanted to cancel. However, it has been taken down now.
  10. [quote ‘so as the situation is going to get a LOT WORSE I have decided to self isolate. ‘ According to the news earlier, everyone age 70 and over have self isolate for 4 months. I wonder how they will enforce that? Now that will have a major effect on the cruise market. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. [emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Yes,PC. 25th July, cruise and stay. Usual haunts round the med, including 2 in Italy (!) and some other ports I can’t remember. We would have been staying in Majorca, really nice hotel. Shame! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Hi PC, haven’t got it yet, TA confirmed we will get it though. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. This could bring a lot of the cruise companies to their knees. Imagine the overheads of keeping a fleet in ports, paying staff, maintenance etc, with no income and millions in refunds. I just wonder who will be the first to go? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. I have just managed to get through to TA and asked the question regarding a refund if we cancel. They confirmed that we are entitled because of age. I have therefore emailed them and requested cancellation. Devastated not to be going but I think we would have spent two weeks worrying. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. Absolutely agree. I just want a decision from the decision makers at Marella. This has left a bad taste, I think whatever way it goes, lose deposit or not, it’s goodbye Marella from me. Very disappointed.
  17. Here in Norfolk , people panic buy if you get 5mm of snow!
  18. ‘So for us, there are some things more important than money. And since I genuinley believe our NHS is not going to be able to cope, and lots of people are going to die, I think doing everything we can to not catch it in the first place is the best strategy. And if that means self isolating and losing £1200 on a cruise to end any uncertainty there, so be it!’ totally agree cruisedave5
  19. My travel insurance is through my Barclays Bank account, which uses Aviva. Tried to ring them today to see how I stand if I cancel. Just got a recorded message saying that if my question was virus related, I was to look at the government web site. Hopefully, the advice on there will now change to reflect the latest statement not to cruise if you are over 70. (I am). I wonder if Marella will check it?
  20. Thing is, they probably realise a lot of people are considering cancelling and losing their deposits. The longer they ‘delay the inevitable’ the more money for nothing they get.
  21. You should be. The pandemic wasn’t in force when you took out the insurance presumably?
  22. Well, it’s not looking good is it? I have Barclays insurance, I’ll ring them tomorrow as I seem to remember something in the T&Cs about a pandemic. However, I just know I will be 500 big ones out of pocket, but worth every penny if I don’t croak!!! Don’t fancy cruising with 1500 plus other people, some with suspect hygiene routines, sorry. Lots of respect to Marella obviously for the help from customer service. Not! Given that Ronaldo arrived in Madeira earlier and was instantly checked by medics in full suits and the uk just asks if you are ok, do you think the government think this might be an easy way to wipe out the elderly population and so release pressure on the NHS?
  23. Yes, I understand that. Trouble is it could be all over by July , or not! I don’t think I am willing to gamble. I’ll hang back for a couple weeks and see how it pans out.
  24. We don’t sail until July but the balance has to be paid next month. I am hoping they will decide that they will allow us to postpone/change our holiday as we do not fancy cruising to places we have seen/don’t particularly want to see if they alter the itinerary . We currently have two ports in Italy among others, followed by a week in Majorca. If push comes to shove, I will take a hit on the deposit. No sign of them cancelling any cruises apart from Asia, as yet.
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