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  1. So essentially you're pretty much getting an inside cabin inside of a larger suite.
  2. Still digging up stuff, but broadly there are exemptions to US nondiscrimination law for public health reasons. It's not ridiculous at all. Look at the pattern. Of 40,653 confirmed Coronavirus cases, 40,197 are in China. Of the rest, *all* of them are cases either of people who have been to China or those who have had close contact with those who have been to China. Of the 161 cases in Japan, the majority of them are because of the Diamond Princess petri dish anchored off their coast. Said Diamond Princess petri dish caused, unintentionally, by Chinese citizens carrying the Coronavirus onboard. NCL has a duty to its passengers to prevent a public health crisis, and I think the courts would agree with them. Passports can be modified, and many countries don't stamp on entry or exit (not sure if the PRC regularly stamps its own citizens' passports on entry and exit). As catastrophic and unfortunate as this is for people like OP, who have not visited China in ages, a ban on certain citizens from cruising is a reasonably way to prevent a Diamond Princess-esque public health disaster. Edit: For Japan, 135 out of 161 confirmed cases of Coronavirus originated on the Diamond Princess.
  3. Not all discrimination is illegal nor unwarranted. An example would be a refusal to issue drivers licenses in the US to people with certain disabilities (blindness, epilepsy, certain mental disabilities). Presumably there is a public health exemption either written into laws governing discrimination in the US or carved out by our court system. I'm actually researching this right now and will hopefully be back with a real answer.
  4. Hong Kong =/= Mainland China. While the State Department has issued a level 4 travel advisory (Do not travel), Hong Kong is still level 2 (Exercise Increased Caution). Hong Kong has reported 15 potential cases, fewer than South Korea, Japan, or Thailand.
  5. I'll roll with this. Personal preference obviously Encore Bliss Getaway Escape Jade Sun Epic Epic had some really good people on board but my gosh it looks like it's wearing a tophat and the interior was laid out by the same folks to designed Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.
  6. Chiming in late, but I was able to use my plat cert at Onda on the TA. Surprisingly good.
  7. Booze wise, it covers what most people would probably want. All the beers, probably about a dozen wines by the glass, and a pretty good selection of liquors. I know there is a bar menu floating around somewhere on this forum.
  8. NCL Escape, week after thanksgiving (11/30 - 12/7). $299 ($469 after Taxes/Port Charges) IX Sailaway Inside $399 ($707.94 after Taxes/Port Charges/Gratuity) IF Inside w/ booze package. Good deals if you have some flexibility. I booked, but I'm still looking for that Balcony price drop to upgrade.
  9. You. I like you. Also, trying all 20 bars in one day may be hazardous to one's health.
  10. Echoing what fellow drunkards/NCL cruisers say; no one pays list price for the package. Everyone gets it via perk. You need to 100% roll with the beverage package. That drops the price from $120/day to $20/day.
  11. As painful as it is for me to say, I have given up on Cagney's as well. My first experience with them in 2015 on the Getaway was fantastic, but the quality and service has been on a steady downward track since then. At this point I'd rather go to the main dining room. At least my food will be hot.
  12. If I had a dollar for every thread about this that gets posted, I'd be able to sail in the Haven.
  13. I can partially answer this. Visibility in Talkeetna is arse right now. Depending on what happens with these fires it may be arse when you get there. There may be rain in the forecast in the immediate future but who knows. Also be advised the Parks Highway is partially closed due to fire behavior and there are multiple evacuations between Palmer and Talkeetna. I've heard of extreme delays trying to get up and down the state. As far as Seward, it is also bad. The Swan Lake fire decided to have an encore and stood up for the first time in a month a few days ago. That may be more of an issue depending on the weather. Air quality is going to blow for a while, especially on the Kenai. Good luck!
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