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  1. Does anyone know of a company that will rent a scooter or chair for the day? My husband is having mobility issues and I think the Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center and Arizona Memorial are going to be too much for him as he can't walk distances and can't stand long. I checked with one company referred by the hotel that has a four-day minimum. We are only in Honolulu for 2 days before boarding the Pride of America. Pearl Harbor is the only thing we have planned that he really wants to see, and we don''t need a scooter for the cruise.
  2. Something I didn’t mention in my blog - my husband and I tested positive for Covid when we returned home.😳
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. Is that routine for Hubbard Glacier - an optional excursion? I have not done Alaska with Hubbard. The reviewer posted two photos, one from the Discovery this May and one from a previous cruise, showing a vast difference in how close they got to the glacier. I assumed it was the same glacier in both pics, but now I'm not sure.
  4. Someone posted in the Review section (May 2023) that Discovery "does not go near the glacier" and that an optional "$300 up close" excursion was offered to be able to get further to the glacier. The reviewer doesn't mention if it was Glacier Bay, but I've never heard of Princess doing this. Is this the case for all Princess cruises now in Glacier Bay, or was this a one-time thing due ship size, to ice or some other weather factor? I'd love to hear from someone else who may have cruised or will be cruising in Glacier Bay in 2023, as we are looking at Discovery to Glacier Bay in 2024.
  5. Better late than never, here is my take on this cruise, published in the Review section. Norwegian Prima by sunluva7
  6. Besides what appears to be a better location, what's the difference in these two categories? Is Prime a bigger cabin? Is Prime worth the extra $100 bucks or so?
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