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  1. How does it work when you buy tickets directly with Alaska RR for the morning ride to Whittier from Anchorage for a Princess cruise? With an overnight stay at Comfort Inn Ship Creek, what's the best way to get to the rail station and how far is it from Comfort Inn? Will Princess provide luggage service or will the train crew help with bags?
  2. Even if you book your cruise on board directly with Princess, you can transfer it to the agent of your choice when you get home. Many agents will give you added onboard credit or other amenity as a thank you for the business.🙂
  3. Yes, she is old, but the changes make her look much newer. By the way, we did the partial Panama transit on the Coral 2 years ago, and loved that itinerary. You’ll be going in November so it won’t be so hot. 🙂
  4. I have not been to Charleston, and that would be a great port on the itinerary!
  5. You will love it - it’s especially beautiful in October.🙂
  6. Yes, I agree, it’s a nice area and a big plus for the kids, though I heard a few complaints from guests in the adult aft pool area about its location and noise from kids above disrupting their peace and quiet. We didn’t notice because we were at the aft pool either when people were off the ship or early in the morning when the kids were still in bed.
  7. You are right, and this seems to be a common problem on most big ships - too many guests for the size of the theater. We arrived a half hour early to get seats.
  8. It wasn’t listed that way on ours either. We were unsure up until the day before how we were docking - first it was tender, then it was dock, the finally they confirmed we were tendering. Holland America took the dock space.
  9. My Review is up from our cruise a few weeks ago. It’s a long one, so pour yourself a drink, put your feet up and enjoy.😀 In a nutshell, it was a great cruise - nice ship for its age, loved Quebec City and the ports, especially Cape Breton, NS. Caribbean Princess-Canada NE 08/09/19
  10. My friend is allergic to certain chemicals in water, doesn't drink tap water, and is sensitive to certain brands of bottled water but wants to bring her own. I know it's okay to carry a case of your own water on board, but what about carrying water on the tour portion from Anchorage? It doesn't seem feasible to carry an entire case on a bus or train. Does anyone know what brands they sell in Anchorage and at the lodges? Has anyone been successful in buying a case of water in Whittier before boarding the ship?
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