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  1. Did b2b on Summit last month. Production shows the same, guest entertainers changed. Also, early show moved to 7:30, late shows at 9:30. Much better for our schedule!!!
  2. Recent cruisers... Do you keep the robes in Royal Suites? Do you need reservations at specialty restaurants or can you just show up? Can you order lunch items other than the set menu on Retreat Deck? Is there electricity you can use on Retreat Sun Deck to plug in a computer?
  3. Thank you for the fun read! Any chance you might be able to post a copy of the "Spotlight" listing officers names & pictures. Apparently, this is available at Guest Services. Also, if you have access to Retreat Concierge & Luminae Maitre D? Thank you in advance!!!
  4. I am familiar with that thread... unfortunately, it is not updated often as the printed page on board is no longer available.
  5. Would love to keep this thread going... Perhaps folks would post upon their return who the key officers and staff are on the Summit. Many postions will change between now and January, when we sail, but if we could keep the thread active it will remain as updated as possilble. That Celebrity no longer includes the page with the bios of these people with the boarding day "Daily", it is much more difficult to know who we will be sailing with. Always interested in knowing these positions, but include anyone else you come in contact with: Captain: Cruise Director: Retreat Concierge: Luminae Maitre D: Captians Club Host:
  6. We were in a Sky Suite on Millie in June... big black bottles of shampoo, conditioner & lotion! I did not pay any attention to who made the products, just missed the individual bottles that were not shared from cruise to cruise. We will be in a RS on Summit this winter, and wonder if anyone had asked for the small bottles of product and if they were available?
  7. I do not eat Sushi, but my husband loves it!. We will be on the Summit in December, and wondered if there are options for non-Shushi diners? Perhaps Tempura?
  8. Thank you for your responses! The blog was VERY informative and helpful! The pictures are great! We too are in a suite. Really looking forward to the views from the new Retreat Deck area. Wouldn't it be nice if they had heaters on the deck!! We loved the old Michaels, very warm and welcoming. Hope to find the new Retreat lounge ambiance as enjoyable. Thank you again!!
  9. Trying to get as much information ahead of time as possible regarding the land portion of the Alaska Cruisetours. Any info anyone reading this can share would be appreciated!!! Generally speaking, how many guests are traveling with us on the cruisetour portion? Do you kindof stick together, or do folks preplan additional excursions independently? Are the hotel accomodations nice, or minimal? Do you receive any itinerary information beforehand, or are we on our own once we arrive in Anchorage? We are on the 5/31 - 3B tour. Thank you in advance for answering questions that I haven't thought of to ask!
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