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  1. Thank you for sharing. This was amazing to watch! We were on the Royal in 2010 (identical to the Ocean Princess)
  2. That is one of our concerns also. We had an Aft balcony cabin on the OLD Royal (2010) - small ship. The vibration was HORRIBLE. The bed felt like the ones you had to put quarters in *LOL*. The safe door kept clanking we had to duct tape it shut.
  3. WOW that is a long and very detailed account of your trip! I will admit, I did not read all of it. Mostly the captions of the photos. * Law & Order bing on the bathroom door* That is hysterical 😅 * Barf bags in the hallways? WOW, how much rocking was the ship doing? * Carpet in the Bayou Cafe *LOL* on your comment * Do you happen to have a picture of the breakfast menu in Sabatini's? * Incline in the hallway. I think we saw that on the Sky Princess * The Library is nice. Better than some of the other ones. * The Casino ATM looks like it's w
  4. We are looking to book a suite for a Panama Canal cruise in 2023. My husband wants to go through the original locks. We are hoping to get cabin A726. We like the idea of the wrap around balcony. It will be for our 25th wedding anniversary.
  5. How often did the soot "fly onto" your balcony? I'm assuming it was cleaned off every day.
  6. Hello! Has anyone stayed in a Vista Suite on the Island Princess? If so, what did you think of it? Do you have any photos? Thank you 🙂
  7. Wow, that's impressive that they contacted you for more details. I have filled out my personalizer for next year (Dec 2021). I know it's WAY too early to be contacted, especially with the virus going on and not sure if we will be able to cruise by then. However, when the time comes, I hope they contact me. A couple of years ago, each night in the dining room, I asked for the next night's menu. I am a Vegetarian. I was able to tweak some of the items or order something different. They were very accommodating with this. My table mates liked seeing the next night's menu as well
  8. Thank you everyone for your tips/suggestions. I have requested special meals from the dinning room as a Vegetarian. Yes, they are very helpful with this. But as a Diabetic and only being able to eat WHEAT pastas, breads and brown rice (white versions make my Neuropathy - pain & burning sensations in my feet - worse 😔) my selection may be very limited. I've seen wheat rolls on the table and toast in the buffet in the morning, but have never seen wheat pasta or brown rice. Not even sure they carry that on the ships.
  9. Hello! I am a Vegetarian Diabetic. How difficult is it to cruise while being a Diabetic? The next time I cruise, will be my first time as one. Please do not say "just eat meat", because I don't and I won't. Will I have to special order my meals in the dinning room each night? What about eating at the buffet? I also have Neuropathy and eating white pastas, breads, and rice makes the pain worse. Does / Did Princess have wheat alternatives? Thank you for your help.
  10. SKY Princess - Lotus Spa. It was always busy so I was not able to take pictures inside.
  11. SKY Princess - Docked in St. Maarten - along with 5 other ships. The French side of the island was "closed" due to labor strike. Dutch side was VERY busy and crowded.
  12. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  13. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  14. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  15. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  16. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  17. SKY Princess - Mural on jogging track
  18. SKY Princess - Balcony cabin with twin beds
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