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  1. We were on the Glory twice.....ate both times, it was fantastic, lobster was great.....hope you enjoy!!!!!:)
  2. WOW Sail.......& I was excited when I hit 1,000.......I always love reading all your posts over the years....congratulations...& I do agree with you, Cruise Critic & all the nice people who make it all happen, are most appreciated. Lynne:)
  3. Thanks so much for posting this, it was very helpful, as we are thinking of taking a Princess cruise in 09.... Lynne:)
  4. Sail.....happy to hear that you've been cleared to vacation domestically, & wishing you good health, & in time, many more cruises ahead for you:) Lynne:)
  5. Carol.....loved your review...thank you Sheila....you mentioned that something was missing.....we had sailed twice on the Noordam, just this past Nov, we were on her...yes...we felt the same way, something was missing....we found some of the crew members to be sullen. We love the itinerary, so it wasn't that for us...there just wasn't a spark that we had on our first voyage. As far as Drew the CD, we thought that he did a great job on our first sailing in Dec 06....maybe he's just burnt out...doing the same thing cruise after cruise after cruise. We thought that the food was not that good on our recent sailing in Nov....& yes, I agree that they should change the shows more often, I know that it's expensive to do that....& time consuming. We think that the ship is beautiful, & the crew does work hard....& yet, as I mentioned before, something was missing. Thanks to you all for you wonderful & honest reviews. Lynne:)
  6. Thank you all for your extremely honest review & updates:) I couldn't get over that singer Shanthi....she sings like she's on a tranquilizer:) I'm sincerely hoping that you folks have a calmer ride coming home, please stay well....keep washing those hands. Lynne:)
  7. I always bring my jewelry with me, many times on cruises, I use the safe....never had a problem:) Lynne:)
  8. WOW.....you yummers are having a blast.....can't wait to see all your pictures....especially seeing the yum yum man in his funny slippers....thanks for all your updates. Lynne:)
  9. Thank you all for the excellent updates, I'm hoping that the rest of your cruise goes smoothly, without anyone getting sick.....Bicker, cold buns should be the worst of your problems....everyone....enjoy the rest of your cruise, & keep those reports coming, they are enjoyable to read:) Lynne:)
  10. Mary......changing the subject....Hannah Malia is so beautiful....just visited your album....what a doll....Mary email me...& let me know your email address....would love to keep in touch with you..... Lynne:)
  11. There are also problems with their legs....just can't seem to walk off the ship....ya know....I had that same problem:) Seriously.....there will always be the chance that the Noro can show it's ugly head at any time, especially in the winter months.....just be sure to keep washing your hands, & try not to touch anything that other people have touched. Bring Lysol wipes with you, & wipe your stateroom down with them, including the telephone....better safe than sorry....have a great cruise:)
  12. Ain't that the truth!!!!!! On our recent Nov. cruise, we ran into many rude people, who in fact were drunk....I would rather have more kids on board:)
  13. Wishing all of you "Yummers" a wonderful cruise....will be looking forward to your reports:) have a safe voyage:) Lynne:)
  14. Thanks for the correction.....I wouldn't want to give the wrong info. Lynne:)
  15. Carol & Sheila.....hoping that the seas have calmed down, & that you're starting to enjoy the cruise you have waited for....for so long. Looking forward to hearing from you, & wishing you calm seas from now on. Let us know how the food is.....so far Bicker is not a happy camper. Lynne:)
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