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  1. We were on the Glory twice.....ate both times, it was fantastic, lobster was great.....hope you enjoy!!!!!:)
  2. WOW Sail.......& I was excited when I hit 1,000.......I always love reading all your posts over the years....congratulations...& I do agree with you, Cruise Critic & all the nice people who make it all happen, are most appreciated. Lynne:)
  3. Thanks so much for posting this, it was very helpful, as we are thinking of taking a Princess cruise in 09.... Lynne:)
  4. Sail.....happy to hear that you've been cleared to vacation domestically, & wishing you good health, & in time, many more cruises ahead for you:) Lynne:)
  5. Hi Bonnie.....you wrote a great review, I loved it....& thanks again for organizing our c/c meeting, Stan was so informative....( & good looking ) the cabin crawl was a lot of fun. I certainly hope that we can cruise together in the future, we had such a nice group of people. It was nice that you were able to have dinner with your daughter on the Zudi. We have wonderful memories of this cruise, we had a wonderful time as well. Carol (Mamaofami) & Sheila ( Innlady).....Feb will be here before you know it......& Carol, thanks again for the wonderful pictures you took on the day we left:) Lynne:)
  6. Now this is what I like.....everyone being nice & getting along, being civil & not ranting on.....what a better world this would be....I enjoy being on the c/c board, I enjoy reading everyones opinions & reviews, good or bad, just as long as everyone respects one anothers feelings. This thread is refreshing:) Let's all keep it up. Lynne:)
  7. I would go on a 7 day cruise.....we did a 4 day, much too short.....we prefer 10 or 11 day cruise. Lynne:)
  8. Both DH & myself loved Drew....we also thought that he did an excellent job.....
  9. Yes.....we ordered room service, it's so relaxing & enjoyable, without rushing up to the Lido....we have our breakfast delivered at 6:30....then we take our showers....why rush, when you can have breakfast delivered....nice & hot, without crowds:)
  10. OOOhhhhhhhh....but it would be so nice for us folks sitting at home, while waiting for our next cruise, to see this beautiful island:) Lynne:)
  11. 2 Disney cruises....Wonder & Magic....food was excellent 1 RC.....food was alright 2 Carnival Glory.....lst cruise, food was good...2nd time, food was alright...not great. Next cruise is a Christmas cruise on HAL Noordam....looking forward to this one, heard the food was excellent....
  12. Thank you so much for all your valuable information, we will be there next week.....
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