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  1. I was really wanting to book your cruise, we will be on the Symphony same date. Your itinerary is so nice, along several more days, and newer ship (right?). However, I have a 13 year old daughter that does not want to miss school. Last year we took her out for 2 weeks, and that was it, she doesn't ever want to go through that make up process again. We have been to the ports on our cruise a few times over, but we aren't going for the ports this time. 😉 We are excited!
  2. I understand Celebrity has to pay for these high end renovations, but, yes, the prices are ridiculous IMO. We love sky suites, and find once you are spoiled (especially with Luminae), it's hard to go back to a regular cabin. We are trying Crystal for the first time in November. I still love Celebrity, but the pricing is too high (for now anyway) and trying something new is very appealing.
  3. Thank you, John111! I am debating an Equinox or Crystal for a Thanksgiving cruise. We just are off the Reflection a couple days ago in a sky suite, and we love Luminae. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.
  4. The Reflection is a great ship! For us, there is nothing to not like. We have sailed in CC and S1 cabins and loved every minute. Happy cruising!
  5. I would keep calling. I always keep calling until I get an answer that works. I think that you just need the right person to help you. That doesn't make any sense to me, you should be allowed to upgrade.
  6. I Didn't see the extra $200. But, I added the 4 perks, our daughter is "free" and it's still $1000 less. Such a bummer!
  7. I know what I said about being happy with he price I paid. Well, the price dropped $1K today for us. That is a lot! UGH!! I sent an email to my X reservationist hoping she can help. Any other tips, other than suck it up buttercup??
  8. Just wanted to follow up!. I was about to pay for my C1 last night, and I decided to check pricing one last time for the S1 that I wanted, and the prices dropped, even from my morning check! It was a no brainer, and even though there are still several suites left and prices may continue to drop, I feel like I paid a fair price, and the suite came with Go Best.
  9. After final? What did they do for you? Ships not full, and we are Elite as well.
  10. With a suite, Go Best is included, unless you do the Move Up deal, correct? I have Go Best with my C1 right now.
  11. Hi all, I am trying to make a decision on upgrading to a suite on a cruise I have coming up in June. The final payment is Monday. Here is my question. There are about 35 suites still available (16 left for a party of 3, which we are). The prices have come down, but should I hold out until after final to upgrade? Does anyone have experience with the suites dropping further when there are this many still open? I will be so frustrated if I bite the bullet now and then they drop. Thoughts? Thank you!!
  12. Thank you! You are correct, I found the Europcar and I appreciate the help.
  13. I have been trying to research how close the rental car companies are to the port in both Reykjavik and Akureyri. Are there 2 different docking areas in Reykjavik? Any car rental help in both ports would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  14. I get an error code when trying to make a dummy booking, every time. All day. UGH.
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