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  1. Hello, Have a cruise planned for last week of September. Right now in a wait and see mode. Hopefully things will improve , but if not, will cancel right before final payment is due.
  2. Flew to Fort Lauderdale on 3/1 for 5 night on IOS. Flight from PHL to FLL completely packed, as were both flights back to PHL (connection in Charlotte) on 3/7.
  3. Thanks again for your responses. Sounds like we will stick out like sore thumbs if we dress up on “Formal Night”. Well, we’ll see....
  4. Hello. I will be cruising on the Independence of the Seas in March. Is there a formal night on a 5 night Western Caribbean cruise? I think they are now calling it “Dress To Impress”. Do many people sailing actually get formal? I would like to, but don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for last suggestion. That is also now being looked at as an option.
  6. Thanks again for all your help! I am now weighing the train option against the shuttle. It sounds more relaxed, faster, and less expensive.
  7. Another quick question: How far is the train station from the port of Southampton? Thanks.
  8. Thanks so much for your responses. It is all very helpful. We do want to spend a day and night in London before going to Wales. That is why I thought staying in Paddington (where I have stayed before and enjoyed) was the easiest. However, now we may consider going directly to Wales from Southampton, then come back to London a day earlier on the back end of our trip and for our flight home.
  9. Thank you. I realized after I posted that shuttle didn’t go to Paddington. I suppose getting dropped off at St. Pancras or Victoria is no big deal; we’ll get a taxi. We need to go to Paddington because we are going to take the GWR train to Cardiff the next day. If there are better options, please let me know. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello, My wife and I will be doing an eastbound Transatlantic in September. Can’t wait for this amazing experience! My travel consultant told me about Cunard’s shuttle to London. Has anyone ever used this shuttle? Is this the easiest, most convenient way to get to London? What time does it usually leave Southampton? Approximately what time do they arrive at London-Paddington? Thanks very much.
  11. Hello. I will be sailing on the Independence of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale in March. Looking at airfares, it is more economical for me to fly into Miami. Can anyone suggest good shuttle services from Miami to Fort Lauderdale on morning of cruise. Thank you.
  12. Hello. I am booked on the Independence of the Seas for a 5 night Western Caribbean in March. Is there a formal night on this sailing? Thank you. I appreciate any input.
  13. We are looking pretty closely at an early December cruise out of Barcelona. I don’t think hurricanes would be an issue, but I do worry about rough seas on the Atlantic then....
  14. Thank you for your responses. I didn’t realize TA cruises were that popular. Sounds like it’s best to book early - which is what I’m going to do.
  15. My wife and I would like to take a Transatlantic Repositioning cruise in Fall, 2020 ( September-December). Although we’ve taken many cruises, we’ve never ventured into these itineraries. Any general advice on these cruises would be appreciated. We are thinking particularly of a repo cruise leaving Barcelona or Southampton. My biggest question is: What is the best time to book this type of cruise? Thank you much.
  16. Thanks. Is there a particular sports bar that would be more likely to have sports on?
  17. Hello. My wife and I are sailing on the Summit next Sunday. I am an avid cyclist and want to watch the tour of Spain. Is there a venue onboard where I might be able to watch? Thank you..
  18. Thinking of cruising on the Sky or Sun in March. Do the Sky and Sun offer all inclusive drinks on their itineraries? I vaguely remember this being the case a few years ago. Thank you.
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