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  1. Thank you for all the support.. Driver took our picture and they were in the background... showed it to the proper person and they knew who they were so they did keep an eye open. Sad that you go celebrate you 25th anniversary and you have to encounter idiots like that.. Oh well..... another cruise already set for Feb. 2021
  2. Yes. The driver told us to sit there. A two person seat .. 2nd row. One of them was Claustrophobic. She had the very first seat and we were told you best not ever sit there Really do think it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't a group thing Yes it was a private excursion Driver added us to their group
  3. Ok. Thanks for the responses My husband and I just finished an excursion of Bermuda Did not know we were put in a group of 28 2 coaches Hubby has medical issuers, recent cancer survivor., open heart surgery and just recover from broken neck. Also 71 yr young The other in a group knew that he needed that seat. Driver assigned it to him We got off potty break and kindly ask if we can have the seat back Told us we are switching it up. Move to the back. So we sat in the front seats Told us to move. Its for their group We didnt. 3 of the men started to attack my husband' yelling in his ear. Dont ever disrespect our group. One had his hand up to my face The driver did tell them to back off However continue with comments Very sad that bullies continues Same group continues this on the ship until an employee stopped it This group was young folks either
  4. When one does a shore excursions on tour bus. When you get off. And back to bus do you keep the same seats I know we dont have assigned seats. Its a courtesy Will explain later
  5. free for the 2 then $7 pp and price is now $149 Still not a bad deal to leave your car too. www. stay123.com (I usually get betting deals with this one) www.buyreservations.com
  6. I managed to book through another web site for Sept $129 includes free parking for 7 nights; transportation to the pier; then I called them to book another night directly through them..
  7. i have been googling on hotwire..... usually the will show you three hotels. One of them you will get.
  8. Thank you for advising Hotwire... been googling it They do give you an idea of what hotel you may get.
  9. thank you for the update on the opening.... (the main number say end of Sept) Second you don't have to be nasty about the "parking" maybe somebody else who's following can benefit Third thank you again for the update on the area as well.
  10. I just booked at the Comfort Inn airport Miami; it doesn't open up till Sept 2019 so I am assuming it is a new place; can park cars $12.00 per day; free transportation to pier; Paid $142 with AAA.. klng size suite...
  11. Try www.stay 123.com. Just not parking a car. (just not going to park any car's)
  12. We are cruising out of Miami on the Horizion; hotels are $$ in Feb. Did find the "Redroof Inn" with parking for $139.00 transportation to the pier only. My question is I know you get what you pay for... but again I don't want to pay $300 a night either Thanks
  13. There is a cruise in Sept 2019 out of Fort Lauderdale on Carnival... 8 days. Did booked it too.
  14. Same thing happened to me. Called customer service and they unlocked it; regardless who you booked with.
  15. Was in Walmart and saw two "fluffy" ladies... has a dog no service collar or anything.. took a huge "dump" in the middle of the isle. Yes.. I said something they told me "cluck" (use another word) and laugh A manager had an employee clean it up.. WTH (manager should of got them to do it..) They taunt us in the store... "he is a service dog" haha, and on.
  16. 15 more Sundays.. going on the Jewels... Now doing the Doc dance....
  17. Just love Aruba.. stayed several times. Palm Beach is so much fun. A public bus for $5.00 r/t Bus station is a very short distance from the pier.. Did the tube ride for $20 and it was about an hr..
  18. Has anyone recently gone to Pirates Cove Beach? Thinking about doing this for shore excursion since we have been there several times Saw a price $15.00 pp round trip; including chair/umbrella and drink. Any thoughts?
  19. Jewels of the Sea.... 23 more Saturdays to go... :cocktail::wine-glass::hot-beverage::ship::ship::ship:
  20. First I hope this young child gets all the medical help he shall need especially as he gets older.... he will need it too. Second. Why was this young child out roaming the ship so late????? Maybe he had a cabin without his parents and left without their knowledge. Maybe he looked a lot older than an average teen.. Now a days these kids look like grown adults. I do hope the "accusers" meet their "accusers" in prison" Do believe in krama and those men do not like anyone who harms kids... justice will be served. Yes, if RCCL was smart they would settled out of court. As I mention hopefully his parents will set a side all of the money for "him" and not for themselves.. We really can't blame anyone but the accusers for what happened. Drunk or not... You do the crime you do the time.
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