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  1. If you booked in UK your upgrade options may be different to those in the US? Would check with your travel agent.
  2. We love Murano, and Tuscan, would say try them both if you can!
  3. I love all home comforts on a cruise, yes, I love the ship and all the beautiful areas to socialise etc, but on holiday I also like to kick back for an hour or so once in a while and watch a movie, (in bed, with a nice cup of English tea actually!) So hoorah to the people that made this happen, thank you!
  4. We had one on the slant and loved it! Was much bigger, and a great view too. I would grab it!
  5. I think to try and see Sorrento and Pompeii in one day with all the travel/traffic around that area is a big ask!. I would echo another poster, who recommended seeing Herculanneum, (instead of Pompeii) it is smaller, much more accessible for walking in the heat etc, and many more preserved things to see. We did a private tour via AP Tours, who are a local tour provider, which was Herculanneum first thing, followed by a pizza making lunch (so much fun!) and then free time in pretty Sorrento. I took several other guests from the ship, and everyone said it was an excellent day. Ours was a tailored tour, simply contact Sarah and she will make all the arrangements for you (she is english) https://www.aptours.it/
  6. Fantastic review, thank you for sharing, just one question, how does your wife keep her figure with all that amazing food?! She is an inspiration to us all, and I can only dream of a b2b2b2b.......maybe one day, but I would need incredibly stretchy trousers! (Thats pants to you guys)
  7. Great review, thank you, we are booked on a 10 night Caribbean next april, after sixteen pages am still mostly thinking about that deep fried cheesecake! 😂😂 One thing you mentioned the Bali style beds by the pool, this was my favourite place to be, are they that awful now? Your balcony and sunbeds look amazing.
  8. The regular Murano menu has many more wonderful dishes on it (so much so, we usually need to go twice to taste them all) highlights for us previously were Goats Cheese Souffle, Crepe Balon dessert, Filet Mignon entree, lamb cutlets entree, and the experience is usually superb too, I think having a recipe book and a photo is just a gimmicky frill that we can live without. Thanks for sharing the menu and the heads up about your experience! Sorry it didnt work out.
  9. This is annoying, I have just booked this, and when I booked it did say 'paired with wines' Im sure! Now I can see the small print at the bottom 'wine pairings are available at additional cost...' on the plus side, we have a drink package so we will of course be able to get wine, but perhaps not the fine wines we were expecting to be included. From now on feel I need to screen shot everything just in case! Have just read menu and feel its better to just do Muranos, and choose from the regular menu, this is not floating my boat!
  10. Thank you for the tip, and I am sorry about your health, glad to hear you are still cruising regardless!
  11. Thanks all, some fantastic advice here, our plan is actually to use BA flight and hotel package, so that sounds like a good plan! We also would be happy to keep the flights, and take one of the other celebrity cruises, equinox or edge around same date, so am going to go ahead and get this booked! Looking forward to another fabulous cruise!
  12. Thanks, we are in UK so if we book, and cancel, we lose the deposit. There are a couple of other celebrity cruises from FLL around the same dates, so we would possibly be able to transfer to one of those if it does happen.
  13. Mmm ours would be non Flexible, the price for them to be changeable is nearly double. Good to know they try to help though, thanks for your reply!
  14. We are looking at a cruise next April, on Reflection, and would be booking our flights separately from Celebrity, am just wondering before we go ahead, if they charter out this cruise, and we have already paid for flights, do they cover us for that (am guessing not) or is it a gamble I have to take? We have had two incidents before where we held a cruise and then they chartered it out, but they were not long haul flights and we hadn’t booked the flights at that time. My back up plan will be to spend a few nights in Fort Lauderdale and drive up to Orlando so it wouldnt kill us but am curious! Thank you all.
  15. We just got back from a fantastic cruise to New England and Canada on Anthem of the Seas, the ship was beautiful, spotlessly clean, staff were incredibly attentive, and friendly eveywhere around the ship, our cabin (junior suite 9612) was very comfortable indeed, (I did ask for a pillow topper for the mattress and got a comforter under the sheets which helped) the room was spacious and modern very well equipped. Balcony was just wonderful! Food was fabulous, particularly in Coastal Kitchen, where we were welcomed every evening and we found the windjammer food excellent too. I ate lots of waffles 😋 We liked Chops Grille, but felt that the desserts were too similar to those in the MDR and not ‘special’ enough. Wonderland was interesting, with some very tasty dishes, the pork, beef, and fish were delicious. And the chocolate bombe dessert - now you are talking! Jamies also had a great selection of dishes, including a brownie to die for with caramel popcorn. Shows were good, we enjoyed the salsa bar too, people were dancing away most evenings in there. Cruise director Dennis was a character, we love how he says ‘Leesure’ for ‘Leisure’ 😂 counted ten times in one announcement! We met and made friends with some really nice people, one of the best cruises we have ever taken all in all! Being home sucks.
  16. Soeak to the Maitre D, tell him you wish to be moved, and explain why, we were once sat next to two tables of miserable grumpy looking people and asked to move on the basis we were offending them with our smiles and joy! I have never seen people on holiday look so unhappy!
  17. Thanks for this review great to hear you enjoyed this ship! How was your mattress?
  18. Can I ask do they charge the deposit to take towels to use on the ship by the pool? Or just when you take them off the ship? New to this system! Also was your mattress ok? Good review, lots to feel positive about thank you! :)
  19. I loved your review! Especially the part about not taking your eyes off your wife ahhhhh thats really sweet! (Note to husband) Thanks for sharing so much poitivity. Am now looking forward to our cruise even more,
  20. Really hoping Royal see this and just provide a lovely comfortable mattress! JS is advertised as having pillow topped mattress, I really dont see why we should pay out for blow up things for a holiday on a cruise? The only inflatable item I want to take is a mini paddling pool for a foot spa on my balcony! :')
  21. I like to upgrade my own toiletries for a cruise, and will treat myself to some at home over the months preceding the cruise and keep them until we sail, usually something like L’Occitane, or a coconut fragranced soap bar, so that it smells like holiday! Sad yes, but it makes me happy. The nicest one ever we received on a ship was the Bvlgari white tea soap on Celebrity, the smell is divine.
  22. We are booked in a Junior Suite, and also purchased the 5 night dining package, we have a 9 night cruise, so are hoping we can book into Coastal for the other 4 nights, to allow someone to have our table in the MDR (we were assigned late dining) Am hoping this is a win win situation for everyone. Will we miss out on any special dishes in the MDR? (Lobster for example?)
  23. Is this him? https://goo.gl/images/VvsSvb
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