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  1. Thanks everyone! You gave me some great ideas!
  2. Hi, I am working on an weekly assignment for a Masters economics class. As an addicted cruiser, I looked at cruising. Norwegian is one of the big three, but with lower profit margins than the other 2. I have never been on a Norwegian cruise. Has Norwegian done some of the cost cutting that RC has? Such as: Coke machines for fill up instead of the bar for soda packages, less paper daily activities- more digital, no more nightly towel animals and mints, no more nice room gifts for middle tier, the big wide window lounge at the front of the ship used for revenue generating, not ope
  3. As we do not drink much or use wifi, the new structure out prices me. I understand that the cruise line needs to fill its capacity with high profit passengers right now, but that is not us. We will not book again until that program is ended. Or, it is re-structured as just OBC- which would work fine for us.
  4. But we do exist! Celebrity is deciding to do without us, the less profitable people taking up a cabin. Their choice, I get it.
  5. Celebrity will lose me as a customer, but I cannot fault them for coming up with a business model that works for them. We do not drink much- 1 or 2 drinks some days and do not use our phones ect. on vacation. So, I will not pay the prices for these things. If Celebrity wants to restrict its market niche to those that pay for these things, they have every right to do so. I will miss cruising if they all do it, but the cost is just too high for me. It is possible that restricting sales to high profit clients is what needs to be done to make up for recent loses., especially if they need to cut do
  6. I had to accept an Un Royal switch as well. There were several equivalent switches, none of which I was allowed to have. I went all the way up to the Executive offices with my astonishment at a lack of willingness to make a reasonable switch- vs. an undoable single choice- like going on a date I could not go. I was polite, but truly shocked at the lack of willingness to easily make things right. No luck. I could either pay prevailing rates or not go. This is for 2022. I finally decided to prevailing rates, knowing I can still cancel later if I want to.
  7. I would take that.. They are limiting the choice to 2 dates I cannot cruise on.
  8. I would agree if cancelling was my choice- but they cancelled the cruise I lifted and shifted to! So, they gave me a L and S, and then cancelled that cruise.
  9. There is no way. The dates offered are Jan. 2nd and 30th. Monthly tasks that I do need to be done at month end and month start.
  10. I would take another one. But they are only offering 2 dates/cruises.- the first and last of the month, which I cannot do.
  11. I am very price conscious and book my yearly Jan. 1.5 yrs, or a bit more, in advance. I had a really good price for an Oasis Ocean Balcony for Jan 2021. I lifted and shifted to the same week in 2022. RC just canceled my 7 day Oasis Jan. 16, 2022 paid in full cruise because they sold the ship to a group. Because of work, I can only go the 2 middle weeks of the year and leave on a Sunday- as I have been doing for years. The only substitute cruises that keep your price are the first and last of the month. The new prices are about double. Customer service would not budge, even though I asked f
  12. If I cancel a cruise, how long do I have to use the FCC? Is it from the date I cancel or from the cruise date? Can it be applied to a cruise as OBC ?
  13. I did a Lift and Shift for a Jan.2021 to a Jan 2022 cruise. I had category 4D - which is mid ship 9584 balcony. The categories changed between 2021 and 2022. You can see it on the deck plans. 4D is now the front 20% of the ship, not mid ship. And if you change categories you do not get lift and shift prices. I took it. I still have a really great price and will not pay THE EXTRA 845.00 cost to get same location and deck (went from 9 to 7) I had. But I would not have booked this room by original choice. I could have taken a refund, of course.
  14. I called customer service to do a Lift and Shift for a Jan. cruise I booked a long time ago. I was repeatedly told that it ended Oct.16th. Saying it was still on the website got me nowhere. The link on the website went to a bad page error message. I switched from Chrome to Edge, and the link worked. It said the best room available will be assigned. Can I still change it, like you in a regular reservation? Thanks!
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