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  1. Thank you!! I have not cruised NCL - usually Disney. But I definitely change/clean up from day. (My one exception was on RCCL this past summer in Greece. Santorini day, the MDR was open seating and “come as you are” for those not eating on the island. I stopped by to just cancel my pre-order (gluten-free) because I was hot and tired and sweaty, but the host said “Not to worry! Come on!” I felt better that I was not the only one in “just back on board” attire, but I still wish I had just gone to the buffet.
  2. Thanks! I would never wear flip flops to the dining room. 🙂 While I do bring dresses or skirts or nice jeans with nice tops for dinners, I do not wear skirts or dresses every day. Just not me. So if I do check a bag (I usually carry on), I will make sure to put something nicer in my carry on. I am still deciding if I am going to keep my cruise in Feb as from a lot of reports I have read I am afraid that my whole vibe is too casual for Celebrity as my day-wear on cruises - especially in the Caribbean - tends to be shorts or yoga capris with tees or tanks. Changing to dressier for dinner and then often back to casual.
  3. I get that shorts are not allowed. But there is nothing in the code prohibiting sandals. It is posts like this lumping allowed things with not allowed that add to confusion.
  4. Thank you! I was getting confused seeing people lumping sandals in the “scandalous” attire for the dining rooms.
  5. I’m confused by the “no sandals”. I see “flip-flops” on the not-allowed list, but nothing about sandals.
  6. Couple of questions if I may piggyback... 1- Are they able with notice to accommodate things like gluten-free and peanut allergy? The second seems very easy - just leave the peanuts off the sundae. The first...overall the menu seems pretty gluten-free friendly... But... 2 - Can you mix and match? Like, I would eat all but the appetizer on the primary menu (and the peanuts left off the sundae), but I do NOT like fish soup. The alternate shows French Onion, which generally can be gf if they leave out the crouton. Could I pick the soup from the alternate menu but have the rest of the main menu? Thanks!
  7. Do they have options (even if not the animation) for people with food things like gluten-free?
  8. Is there a price list anywhere? The small print says that some pieces cost more than others. Or for those who have done it, what pieces do not have an extra cost?
  9. Hopefully it does not have too much adverse effect. Just goes to show that storms are not exclusive to “hurricane season”.
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