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  1. I don’t have a problem. I was trying to figure out where else the cruise was going since the section I quoted made it sound like that was the only stop.
  2. Because you said this: Nassau is actually the capital city of the Bahamas and is on New Providence Island. Just like every other stop on an Eastern itinerary ports in a city on an island.
  3. Granted I am a new Celebrity cruiser, but I absolutely adored my cruise on the Edge in a single stateroom with Infinite Veranda in February and in no way felt that I was missing anything by not being in a suite. The only thing I didn’t have access to was their restaurant or the Retreat. All other parts of the ship were available.
  4. And given that port workers in Port Canaveral are not wearing face masks... Not a good sign.
  5. The "prevailing promotions" is crazy to me. My TA has often changed my cabin category and while yes, the price is at the prevailing rates (one place where Disney is awesome is you are locked into the prices the day you book, so if you upgrade your category later, you'll pay whatever the rate was for that on the day you booked it rather than the probably higher price (since Disney doesn't really go down until just before sailing if then) it would be), my promotions have always stayed the same.
  6. Yeah, I had Select and made reservations for each MDR (and have for my next 4 cruises booked). I opt to not do fixes if I can help it as I solo and prefer to not have to deal with table mates who are all “Oh no one could come? I could never go solo.” and so forth. I have just heard from numerous people that they will try to accommodate changing - but it is dependent on others wanting to try others as well. Lots of dominoes to fall correctly.
  7. Interesting. I have been able to change categories and staterooms without losing perks and only pay the difference. I’d double check on that belief...
  8. Mine from a cancelled cruise (I thought I had cancelled the things before the cruise cancelled and filled it out in case prepaid grats counted - apparently the cancellation of the excursions did not take until after the cruise cancelled) I got an email with a code for my OBC credit. Forwarded it to my TA and she applied it to the cruise I wanted it applied to. So it should probably come as an email. (I’m holding my breath that it sticks because when I called yesterday about other excursions I had cancelled for other cruises but had not gotten a refund and the agent I spoke with was completely confused as to how I had gotten the FCC and OBC credit already since that cruise that was cancelled did not show processing yet. She was going to manually push the other refunds and is to call me today - hopefully sometime in the next hour.)
  9. Worst-case couldn’t you just L&S to the same category and then upgrade?
  10. Well the mystery just gets deeper and deeper with everything going on with mine. On Thursday I had gotten my FCC for the cancelled 7/19 Summit cruise - even my TA was surprised I had gotten it already since I hadn't gotten the taxes/fees or prepaid gratuities back yet. Friday I got a OBC certificate for 125% of the excursions and one specialty meal - all of which I had cancelled before the cruise cancelled. Forwarded those onto my TA to apply to the respective cruises. (The OBC showed up in the one I wanted it applied to today.) I still had several outstanding excursions from other cruises I had cancelled well over a month ago - I had ONE show up refunded in my account but none of the others. So I decided to call today. I got a super nice agent on the phone and she looked first at the cancelled cruise and she said "How did you even get the FCC for that? I'm not even showing that it has processed!" I said "I don't know...I have the email..." She said that until it showed as cancelled in the system (it IS cancelled, but the way their system works) the refund on the taxes/fees and prepaid gratuities wouldn't happen. But she was completely flummoxed as to how I already had an FCC. So I'll let that one lie for a little while. We moved onto the excursions for other cruises I'd cancelled and she showed them locked in some kind of processing for long enough they looked stuck, so she got the information she needed and said she was going to manually push them through and she'll call me tomorrow to let me know where we are at that point. The weirdest thing is she was showing the one I thought had refunded as "processing" as well - I mean, it's possible I had something else for the same amount I had cancelled earlier and just don't remember. So yeah... It looks like I've got an FCC that shouldn't exist yet and a future OBC that shouldn't exist yet, but clearly do. Like I said, she was super sweet and as perplexed as I was. I think I won the award for weirdest situation she'd dealt with today. Haha! We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  11. If you for sure want to try all the dining rooms, I would switch to Select - and yes, you should be able to make those reservations (I say should because I can for my July 2021 cruises, but not my Feb 2022 cruise, so I'm not sure at what point those open up). While they will try to accommodate you to allow you to dine in the others if you have fixed dining, they will not guarantee it. Obviously this is all from before COVID shut everything down. But as of now my 2/2021 and both 7/2021 dining selections are still there.
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