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  1. Yep. And they continue to endanger everyone. There is a woman on another forum I am on who is VOCALLY anti-vax (for herself, her husband, and their 7 kids - even the ones who are eligible). She is also pretty vocally anti-mask. One of her 7 kids she has admitted on the forum is sick and showing symptoms of COVID, but they are not getting her or anyone else in their family tested "because we don't want the hassle of having to quarantine". Talk about selfish!!!
  2. Eden was one of my favorite meals of my life!!!!
  3. If they have made a habit of it, absolutely. I was on RCCL (one of the Radiance class ships) on a 12-night med cruise in 2016. First port, we hear a list of names announced to please contact Guest Services. Most only once, but one couple multiple times. Finally we set sail. Next port, fewer names in the list - but the same couple's name. Over and over and over. Next port, I was at dinner at the time we were supposed to be leaving. The announcement happened just as my server was coming over, so he waited (always good to listen just to make sure your card didn't not scan when you reb
  4. On other cruises (RCCL), I have followed up with an email with my "glows and grows" and in a couple of cases mentioned the atrium entertainment (once a glow, once a big grow). I received a call back from someone with the president's office has personally called me to discuss some of the things. In the case of the big grow for one of the acts (the female half clearly knew NONE of the songs as she was glued to her iPad and pronunciation, and in some cases rhythm was WAY off) and the woman I spoke with said that I was not the first to mention it and that those in charge on the ship were aware and
  5. Thank you so much for posting!! I'm especially glad to see where you can do on your own excursions and where you can't. Since I'm fully vaxxed, I'll be contacting my favorite tour provider in St. Maarten ASAP to see if he has availability for February!
  6. No. Which is why Select is the way to go for me. I was responding to the question about if they seat solos with others. As I understand it, the assumption is private table if you do Select. You can REQUEST it for fixed dining, but not guaranteed.
  7. I sailed solo on the Edge in Feb 2020 just before the world turned upside down. I had Select Dining and was never seated with others at dinner. (Breakfast is another matter.) As I understand it, Select is the only way to guarantee you won't be seated with others at dinner.
  8. Thanks. I had meant get an email about it closer to time - not a literal pop up ad. But I'm all signed up.
  9. I'm totally fine with it. Is this something that pops up closer to embarkation or when you can do online check-in? I tried to find it, but couldn't - not cruising until February though.
  10. Unless it has changed since Feb 2020, you do not make reservations for shows on Celebrity.
  11. I wouldn't have used the service anyway, but WOW! I cannot imagine being the type of person to sit and watch someone else unpack my stuff and tell them where to put it!!
  12. I LOVED my single IV on the Edge. It was the perfect size for me!! Here is the tour I did of it:
  13. Thanks all! Just reporting in... I got changed into Sky Suite 6131 on the 2/20/23 Summit!! Woohoo!!!!
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