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  1. The cruises in Japan are not opening up so you need to change your plans to 2023 for a TP cruise. I was booked on the Celebrity TP and they canceled it. I am sure the other cruise lines will follow if they have not already dine it. I have done the Celebrity TP and plan on doing it a few more times because I love their ships and all the sea days you get.
  2. When they cross the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean they will call them Trans-Atlantic or Trans-Pacific Cruises. If they are moving the ship without crossing one of the two oceans they will call it repositioning. They also have some Trans-Atlantic cruises just to cross the ocean because people like and book the cruises with the sea days.
  3. Not what you asked but ... Ocean View Staterooms 3540 port side and 3240 starboard are right next to public bathrooms. Noise when these facilities are busy could be a concern in these cabins. .
  4. You can test yourself now and/or right before you go. You can purchase a COVID-19 Antigen Self Test at your pharmacy for about $12 each. The test is easy to do. You just swab the inside of your nose and place it in the container, add solution and wait for the line to change colors. That way you feel better before you go. I am also going to wear a N95 mask for the 3 days before my cruise. You can purchase N95 masks now and if you wear the correctly you will not get anything through to get you sick. After that it is cruising and fun.
  5. I am like you and work a lot of hours. I find cruises are exactly what I need because of so much to do without any planning and being able to do as little as I want or as much as I want. The advice I would give you is take a east bound transatlantic cruise on one of the NCL ships with Solo Cabins. Book one of the solo cabins even if you can afford a balcony. These ships have a Solo Lounge and a Solo Cruise Director. If you hang out in the solo lounge in the morning and/or evenings there will be other solo people there. You will have people like me that will talk to anyone and everyone. You will be able to sit and listen until you are comfortable to join in. The Solo Cruise Director will setup solo get to gathers and arrange dinner tables where the solo group can eat together. You will be able to be alone, be with other people of your choosing, or be with couples you meet on the Cruise Critic Boards. By the time you reach Europe to do excursions you will most likely have new friends that you can do things off the ship with. The last part of advice would be to be active on the Cruise Critic Board for your cruise. This is the other reason I recommend a transatlantic cruise. The message boards for the longer cruises with lots of sea days are very active and allows you to meet people before you get on the ship. The last thing: You are solo so do what you want....
  6. I would not count on the current American Government to do anything. Trying not to be political they do not have science or logic behind anything they do. It is more of a wait and see. One good thing is the cruise lines seem to be getting their way in the court system.
  7. I am glad to see your first cruise is a Trans-Atlantic Cruise. I have never been on a HAL ship but the other cruise lines I have done are very active on the Trans-Atlantic Cruises. Make sure you are active on your Cruise Board. Let them know you are new and have anxieties. They will help you will all questions and will explain things differently knowing you are new. As far as seeing lots of couples that is normal and not normal. On the RCL and NCL cruises I have taken there is always lots of solo or girls traveling together. I have lots of friends that I have met on the Cruises and some are solo and some are couples. Couples are always wiling to meet and do things with solo cruisers. Just open up and enjoy the fun. If you take this cruise and do not like not having lots of solo people you might try a Trans-Atlantic Cruise on NCL with the Solo cabins. NCL has solo cabins that draw lots of solo cruiser and they have a Solo Cruise Director that does activities for solo travelers.
  8. If they cancel you will get 125% on your money. I would love that return on the stock market. I have booked some cruised during covid knowing they would be canceled just to get the 125% return.
  9. The quietest cabin I have ever had was on deck 2 on a ship that only had about 15 cabins on that level. That was the cabin with the medical room and rooms cruisers could not go in. Deck 3 was all cabins. Take a look at the ship layout floor by floor and find those cabins that are setoff by themselves with nothing above them.
  10. Now that I am 55+ and cruising a lot as a single; I am wondering what attitudes are on the ships about relationships. Most of my cruising life I was a single father traveling with my son and was not interested in a relationship on the ship. The cruise was for me and my son and for me to relax. I am not sure what my attitude will be going forward as a 60 year old single cruiser. Would I be willing to have a relationship on one of my cruises? What is your attitude? Note: I do not mean "Relationship" as just taking someone back to your cabin. It is spending time and doing things with someone you could be interested in.
  11. The courts have ruled in Florida the CDC is only a recommendation and they cannot enforce their requirements. The other thing going for you is the CDC Order on 7 days ends on October 31st.
  12. I love sea days because there is so much to do and I still get to relax. On the ship I always get in a group for Every Day Trivia. On Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific cruises they do trivia every sea day and keep track of points for groups. Then there is also Music Trivia, Silent Disco, White Party Nights besides other orginized ship activities. Because we have the extra sea days the Cruise Critic Boards for the cruise will be much more active. I have a Trans-Atlantic Cruise and Trans-Pacific Cruise booked for the next year and both boards are very active; 18 pages and 66 pages. Then you have the activities that the Cruise Critic Board organizes themselves to do on sea days. Here is what is orginized so far and we still have 8 months before our cruise. Sail Away Gathering CABIN CRAWL SLOT PULL Poker Pub Crawl Left Right Center Game CHEF'S TABLE Bering Book Club Dinner at le Petit Chef Trash Card Game Knitting Group Note: Your Cruise Critic Board will also most likely organize their own shore excursions on port days.
  13. I always do my time dining. That gives me the option to dine with people I know or meet on the ship or dine by myself. When I go to dinner I can tell them I want to dine by my self or dine in a large table. Some of the time I am not in the mood to dine with couple and I let them know to find me a table with mostly non couples. The problem I have with dining with set dining times is you are stuck with the people assigned to you or you have to ask to be moved tables. My time dining just gives me more options.
  14. When the studio cabin is close to the same price as the inside I take the studio cabin. The only time I would not take the studio is if the balcony was the same price. But make sure you are not looking at the sail away price. I would never book NCL Sail Away price because NCL over prices drinks and excursions where their give away look better. Now with the Studio; I really like the studio lounge. It gives me the impression that I am sailing with the other people in the Studio cabins. In the mornings I don't have to get dressed and I can go down to the lounge and get coffee and a Danish while I am waking up. During the day their is messages and information in the lounge about things going on. In the evening I can set and visit with other Solo travelers while we wait for dinner time. Before going to bed I stop by the lounge and get a drink and snack to take to my room. If I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep I can just mosey over to the lounge and do some computer work. I still have friends that I communicate with that I have met in the Studio Lounge.
  15. Worse than being stuck with 2 couples is when I cruised with my son they would put me with other single parents (most of the men) and I had to spend the cruise listening about their ex-wives.
  16. I like the anytime dining. It allows me to meet a large amount of different people during the cruise. It also allows me the flexibility to have dinner anytime I want. I have the ability to ask for a large table with lots of people or a table by myself depending on my mood.
  17. I cruised Celebrity Solo and loved it. I ended up with lots of friends along the way. Cruising Solo I always pick anytime dining. When you show up you can ask for the kind of table you like. I always ask for a large table that way I have a better chance of having dinner with someone I enjoy their company. Most cruises I end up meeting people and we end up going to dinner together. The other option you have is get on the Cruise Critic board for that cruise and have some good discussions and see if you meet people you like. You can always setup dinner with them. Note: None of the cruise lines do Solos like NCL. The longer the cruise the more active the Cruise Critic Board seem to be. My Artic cruise for next September is already to 64 pages and has 250 people on it. I am setting up a Solo Lunch for the Solo people from Cruise Critic Board.
  18. I just did a few searches and it looks like you want Uber over a taxi. They say to stay away from public transportation. If you take a taxi make sure it is a company you have herd of and it has a working meter. In the past taxis have swindled riders out of high fairs. With Uber and Lift: Always, be sure to check the license plate and the driver description before getting into the vehicle. If you are novice get on the phone with a friend or relative. It give you something to do and you can share what is going on during your trip.
  19. On the ship: I leave them in my bag and if someone steals them I go to the front desk tell them, get a new one and double check my charges. I have never had one stolen on a ship. On the beach: The cabin card, drivers license and my credit card are plastic. Money can get wet and is still good. I just keep them in my shorts or swim trunks. ** The big problem is my phone. It is a iPhone and can go under water but it is big and bulky. I dont' like to but if I am by myself I leave it in the cabin.
  20. I have stayed in lots of Cabins and Hotels (over seas) that are 99 sq ft and that is plenty of room for this solo traveler.
  21. I have cruised single parent with my son for years and now as a Solo over 50 (now 60). With my son I liked sailing Princess but as a solo cruiser I did not like it at all. With my son I was spending time with his friends families and some with my son. As a solo traveler it just was not the same. I have also did a Celebrity cruise solo and loved it. The people were my age and was a good mixture of solo people and retired married people that made me comfortable to be around. For this year I have 4 cruises booked with Royal Caribbean and have faith they will be enjoyable for different reasons. The Caribbean cruises are on their mega ships and I will enjoy my time alone eating at all the different places with the unlimited dining and playing on the ships. I have a room overlooking the aqua theater. My Alaska and Artic Cruise have CC Boards that are very active and I know many of the people from my Celebrity cruise. Last but not least is I have 2 NCL cruises booked because of their Solo rooms with the Solo Lounge and Solo Cruise Directors. I always find people to hang out with on the NCL cruises. The last recommendation for solo cruising is look at the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific cruises.
  22. Changed my retirement plans from being in the next year to being after I see what happens in the 2022 and 2024 elections. At this rate I may be working until I am 90.
  23. If I was just starting to do Solo I would go on one of the NCL Ships with the Solo Cabins and Solo Lounge. (Norwegian Bliss, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, and Pride of America). The Studio cabins are small, 99sf, but I think it is worth it to have the solo lounge and ability to meet people. The Studio area is insulated where you have to have a cabin key to get in the area. You have a lounge in the area and I find people in there any time day or night. Everyone in there are solo travelers so they are willing to visit and enjoy others company. The other thing these ships have is a Solo Cruise Director. This Cruise Director is responsible for setting up dinners, activities and gatherings for all the Solo Cruisers. My Getaway cruise we did have to have the Cruise Director replaced but when we got the second one she set everything up and we had a great time. We had a standing dinner time with 3 tables reserved that would hold 45 people and most nights they were all filled. Going forward I am splitting my time between RCL and NCL. RCL gives me the big ships and locations I want and NCL gives me the connection to other Solo Travelers I want.
  24. I am looking at retiring in 2 years and would love to do a long World Cruise. Does any of the Cruise Lines that do World Cruises have Solo Cabins?
  25. I learned the hard way, you need to ask if they are married. They are looking for someone to take them to dinner, dancing, shows and everything they do not get at home.
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