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    They have rice crackers!
  2. I recently received a 4-page Seabourn brochure titled “Seabourn’s Northern Europe”, which focuses on Britain, Iceland & Greenland and Norway & the Baltic. What caught my eye, on the first page, was their “added values and unforgettable experiences” bullet points that included “Shopping with the Chef excursions.” Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never seen this specifically called out in any of their brochures before. In all of our past Seabourn cruises, shopping with the chef was typically placed in the daily Herald, which you would see the night before and Seabourn typically accepts no more than 15 guests (per our last voyage to Antarctica on the Quest in January 2019). What concerns me is if Seabourn is now going making these paid excursions and they become a profit center for Seabourn. In my opinion, it will kind of suck the soul of what the original program was intended to be. Anyone have any insights on what Seabourn is doing with this program?
  3. Thank you 2SailingNomads. Where exactly do we "arrive"? Is it the (main) entrance to the port? I'm trying to determine where to specifically tell the driver to go once we arrive down by the water. Were signs posted by Seabourn? Thanks. Hopefully, Sunday traffic won't be too bad.
  4. We are booked on the Quest departing San Antonio on January 13th. We have a private car taking us from Santiago to the port. What is the process for getting dropped off at the port and getting on the ship? Thank you.
  5. Very nice review. Question - were the two handicap-accessible cabins on the main deck (110, 112) not available to you at time of booking?
  6. It appears Crystal may also offer helicopter flightseeing excursions, as Deck 8 houses twin helicopters in a hanger and a helipad behind it. They could also be used to scout ice conditions when in Antarctica. Crystal Endeavor Deck Plans.pdf
  7. The Endeavor brochure: Can't get the brochure to post from Imgur. Grrr....
  8. And a magical ship it will be indeed. According to the brochure from Crystal, the Crystal Endeavor departs on its first Antarctica & The Ross Sea Expedition on January 6, 2021 from Hobart, Australia. After 22 days, it returns to Christchurch/Lyttelton, New Zealand on January 28, 2021. Then, based on the cruise map in the brochure, it departs Hobart, again, on January 28, 2021. Moving from New Zealand to Tasmania...in less than a day! Magic! --or-- Crystal goofed on their brochure. I think it's the latter. :D
  9. As soon as you board the ship, go to the Square and ensure your OBC is registered on your shipboard account. We had an OBC on our last cruise from our TA that was not and took 3-4 days to get straightened out. Always carry hard-copy proof of any OBC with you.
  10. I have read where the AntarcticTreaty and the rules of the International Association of Antarctic TourOperators require all guests to submit a health questionnaire, completed in full no later than 90 days prior to tour departure. Does Seabourn require this of their Antarctic passengers? I can't find anything about this on their website. Thank you.
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