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  1. FlyingScotSailors

    Earth and Ocean on Encore yet?

    There have been no reservations, only walk in. The first few nights at the start of Earth and Ocean on the Encore were by invitation only for platinum and higher Club members, and only a few reservations each night to let the kitchen get up to speed. We ate there the first night and, even with advance requests, the entrees were too salty for us. That said, we shared two appetizers and still could not finish desert! The final day of the cruise was open to all, but we did not observe how crowded it was. We were on the Quest in October during the roll out of Earth and Ocean. On the colder, norther nights, one night we were the only guests outside, along with a table of officers; it was too cold for us to stay outside for desert, a problem you should not have! As we cruised further south, E&A became more crowded. The last night of the cruise we arrived at 8:15 and waited over half an hour for a table to become available. Generally, we were told, you need to get there by about 7:30 to avoid waiting. Encore has more space on the Patio and more guests, so you will need to report back on if and when its gets crowded. The menu changes nightly, and all the dishes we tried over two nights on Quest were quite good. As stated above, appetizers and deserts on Encore were good, mains not to our tastes. The octopus appetizer was fantastic. Encore menu below.
  2. FlyingScotSailors

    Earth and Ocean on Encore yet?

    Yes. It was rolled out during our January 6-22, 2019 cruise. It is nice when you do not have to wear parkas and blankets!
  3. FlyingScotSailors

    Referral Coupon Thread- This is the only one!

    You should have a booking number. It is issued when you initially book, rather than when you make final payment.
  4. FlyingScotSailors

    Encore at Norfolk Island

    We will not be landing on Norfolk Island. We have been at anchor for a while. It is currently 7:45 AM and the ship has been shuttering. At 7 AM the Captain announced we would not be landing since there is a 3 meter swell along the side of the ship and the tender door could not be opened. The shore has crashing surf and 2 1/2 meter swell at the pier. We leave for Milford Sound at noon. Guess we will have to use the refund from the "Hell in Paradise" tour on wine!
  5. FlyingScotSailors

    Encore at Norfolk Island

    We are scheduled to anchor at Norfolk Island tomorrow morning (it is 3:30 PM Wednesday here now). Should be able to respond tomorrow.
  6. FlyingScotSailors

    Antarctica Live On Board

    As Dave said (hi Dave!), the waterproof pants go over the boots. The bottom of the pants should fit snuggly around the boots, usually with velcro closures, so that water pressure holds the pants against the boots to prevent water entry if you have to step into water deeper than the boot tops during wet landings.
  7. FlyingScotSailors

    Earth & Ocean on the Sojourn

    John, anecdotal evidence of perhaps limited applicability. First, we have never eaten dinner at the Patio Grill before Earth and Ocean, and cannot compare table availability at dinner to previous experience. Also, there are more tables (we believe) on the Encore, but for more guests. We were on the Quest for the roll out of Earth and Ocean in October on the Montreal to Miami cruise, and ate there twice. The first time was a few days after the opening and, while we do not remember the exact time, it was after 6 and probably before 8. However, it was quite cold, even with jackets, blankets and heaters. We could not stay outside for desert, and when we left the only other diners were a table of three Officers. The second time was in much milder climes on the last night, and we were dining with an Officer who was not available until 8:15. At 8:15 we were third on the waiting list, and did not get a table until 8:45. The team starting the Earth and Ocean said they would see us on the Encore in January for the start up there, but we do not think delays were the result of the newness of the restaurant. There are just not that many tables and people do not "eat and run"; this is also the case frequently at lunch. So, the answer, for your cruise 3 months later, is "it depends, and your mileage may vary". We did find the food innovative, creative, and delicious.
  8. FlyingScotSailors

    Live from Seabourn Encore - Bali to Sydney December 2018

    Hi 6rrguy, we will be on the Encore with you. Our Roll Call has been quite quiet. See you in 21 US days, which is 20 days Australian. Now back to Stickman and his excellent report.
  9. FlyingScotSailors

    Antarctica Live On Board

    Wow! Since Quest changed the date of its visit to Port Stanley, how did the total number of passengers on shore at one time effect the tours, especially the private ones, on the island? It seemed that all the 4x4s on the island were needed just to accommodate the Quest last year.
  10. FlyingScotSailors

    Live from Seabourn Encore - Bali to Sydney December 2018

    We were on the Quest in October when Earth & Ocean was started on board. The start-up team said they would be on the January 6, 2019 Encore sailing to start E&O there.
  11. FlyingScotSailors

    Odyssey - 18 nights Athens to Barcelona LIVE ON BOARD

    Eleanor, we hope you and Neil have a great cruise. We board the Quest on Sunday, and will "follow" you as the internet allows. Ann & Peter
  12. FlyingScotSailors

    Amazing Panama Canal deal from Cruise Critic

    Karen & John, I cannot agree with you more. I look around at my friends with health problems and I say every day is a blessing for us. " Travel" is the best medicine. This past year we have been from the Antarctic to the Arctic with lots of places in-between. Sorry we are missing Kingston, NY but we can drive there in less than an hour. See you on the Quest Sunday! Ann
  13. FlyingScotSailors

    Guarantee Suite, How close assignment to sailing

    Hi kk, Tracked you down to this thread, to say we and the balloons plan to be at the Sky Bar on Sunday.
  14. We received an email from Cruise Critic today about Seabourn Quest cruises. Included is the 10 day cruise on November 19, 2018 from Lima, Peru (also 31 days with Antarctica). This amazing cruise leaves Lima, sails south, and then on day 5 visits Punta Islay and Kingston, New York. So in addition to going through the Panama Canal twice, you get to sail past New York City and up the Hudson River, and then get back to South America the next day! Such a deal! :eek: If anyone is going on this cruise let us know, and we can drive the hour south to Kingston and say hello. ;p
  15. FlyingScotSailors

    Best way to find cruises maximizing sea days?

    Search on the Seabourn web site for "transatlantic" cruises. We did not have any luck looking for transpacific. The Sojourn crosses the Pacific, so looking at its cruises should also help.