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  1. If you can, that would be a new policy. In the past, you could not give unused OBC directly to the crew fund, but you could buy candy, etc., with it and give that to be distributed to the crew.
  2. That's strange. The full "strawberry" moon is in 3 days!
  3. Under the au contraire category, how about a local museum membership that includes the NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum). If you spring for a family membership 😉, both of you could get free entry into many museums and gardens, etc., at home and when you travel. (This idea comes from our distaff side.)
  4. For Mother's Day brunch we had cheese, onion and sun-dried tomato muffins (we were out of jalapeños) and an onion board made with an extra pizza dough. Very nice with mimosas on the outside porch. There were many more muffins originally. Our daughter is here from California; we have not seen her in a year and a half! Happy Mother's Day. And, we seem to have forgotten to post this photo of a pizza from last week.
  5. When we originally posted this last year, we included the title with the picture.
  6. My 1969 Austin-Healey Sprite, with a 4 speed stick, did not have syncromesh on 1st gear. I resemble that remark. My bride, however, does not! My English Racer bike had a 3 speed. An improvement over our Royce Union and Schwinn one-speeds, not to be confused with high class fixed-gear racing bicycles! You youngsters can ask for any clarifications you might like
  7. But not as frequently as we here on the Cooler drink it!
  8. We have stayed at the Hotel Avenida Palace twice, once pre- and once post-cruise. We hope we can return again. It is elegant, but warm, with caring service. And a great breakfast!
  9. Off topic, (if that is possible here 🤔), the chief of staff for a general is a civil service and not a military position?
  10. Stumbles, if we understand this correctly, 4 courses in NE Italy are the same as 8 courses here?
  11. We actually paid more for an Oceanview suite than we would have for a verandah, since we wanted to be low and mid-ship for the Drake crossings on the Quest. One way turned out to be smooth, and on the return, the outside decks and the forward elevator were closed. The ship took the seas well, we used Dramamine-like pills, and had no real trouble. A verandah could be nice to have, for quick access to view of wildlife, if they are kind enough to appear on your side of the ship! We were typing while you responded above. We think a central V1 or V2 would be fine. We have found li
  12. We could make it over to your house with 1/2 hour notice, but 1 hour would be better, so we can change into party clothes! Or maybe longer, if we have to remember where we stored the party clothes. 😬
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