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  1. Davey, That is terrible. We are glad no one was hurt, but it is a sad commentary on the times. On a lighter note, have you considered giving the dogs attack training?
  2. TV Dad, call Seabourn Club and ask for some coupons. You should get them mailed to you within a few days. rallydave, Seabourn may apply the coupon to your next booking, but the referred party has to have sailed before you actually get the OBC to spend.
  3. Welcome to Cruise Critic Lyn & Russ (?) A couple of additions to Floris' reply. The water sports platform may be opened occasionally, especially in the Caribbean. We have seen it open twice over 3 or 4 cruises. On a seven day cruise, you should have only one β€œformal optional” night, and a jacket is not required then in the Colonnade or Earth and Ocean.
  4. Hi Joe, We can give you a referral coupon. Please email us at flyingscotsailors "at" gmail "dot" com.
  5. JP, thanks for the pictures of the Reykjavik waterfront. Ours are all covered with snow! Have a great trip.
  6. Missy, here is the link to the Encore review we posted on the Seabourn board. It was written with Seabourn cruisers in mind, to provide in part our comparisons of the "larger" new ships (600 pax) compared to the 450 pax Odyssey class. It should provide some info, and we welcome any questions. (Skimming the thread now, we are embarrassed to see various typos; probably they were added later by someone else. 😟 Jan and JP, sounds like a good idea to have a CC meeting at Exit 9, when we are all home at the same time. We may start posting the weekly tasting schedules here, to help coordinate and perhaps encourage others to fly into Albany for the weekend. πŸ˜‰
  7. But tomorrow you will have a 4 hour head start. 😳
  8. Hi Missy. We are still looking for the link to our Encore review, in response to the discussion on the Water Cooler. We could provide a referral. Email us at flyingscotsailors "at" gmail "dot" com. A&P
  9. JP, you are still home. Again we have been beaten to the post. πŸ™ We can often be found at Exit 9 Wine, depending on what is being sampled. Ann appears in their TV commercials. The Saratoga restaurant was Osteria Danny. We had a very good ramen dinner at Hamlet and Ghost a few months ago, as part of a Japanese whisky dinner.
  10. Lois, that is great! We love retirement and we love the Seabourn Quest. (Each ship seems to have a different "feel'.) Looking forward to sailing with you, but we have to disembark in Barcelona to visit wineries and drink Spanish wines. 😎 We will organize our thoughts and respond to the questions in the last few posts, but we wanted to be the first to welcome you to Seabourn. Also, we can offer you a referral for OBC as a new Seabourn cruiser; more info later. Ann & Peter ps: Peter generally writes and Ann reviews and supplements.
  11. Lois and Davey, thanks for the welcome. Wow, we did not realize the fast pace of this thread! We just copied the itinerary for our cruise, and before we could paste it here, Lois already posted it! We have sailed 9 cruises on Seabourn, with the 10th booked this week to Alaska at the end of August. We tried Seabourn after becoming disenchanted with Holland America (we are 3 star mariners). We are booked on the April Seabourn Quest TA, which will be our 3rd Seabourn TA, the previous 2 on sister ship Odyssey. We meet with the Executive Chef at the start of the cruise, the explain that while we want low-sodium meals, we also want flavor and taste. We have generally found the food to be wonderful, with the occasional problems. However, we had dinner last Tuesday with a Cruise Critic couple who were visiting Saratoga, and had a rather disappointing meal in what was touted to be one of the best restaurants in the city. Our last cruise, in January to New Zealand, had perhaps the best food we have eaten. We have also found, except occasionally at times when Seabourn was staffing a new ship, that the service actually achieved the lines' hype of "exceeding our expectations". As we believe we have read also happens on Silversea, crew members remember you from previous cruises. We do not want to hijack this thread, unless that is acceptable cooler protocol, and can discuss our Seabourn experiences elsewhere or by email. Ann & Peter
  12. Lois, you posted this while we were writing our post. Perhaps we are psychic!
  13. Hello everyone. We have been lurking by the water cooler for while, but this is the first time we have stopped for a drink. We have not sailed on Silversea yet, but have two cruises planned; Galapagos in December 2019 and Ushuaia to Capetown in February 2021! We appear to be relatively close neighbors to JP & Chris, and to Jan. We actually live in Clifton Park, but on an international web site like Cruise Critic, our signature lists "Saratoga", since that is more likely to be identified, although many still say "Sarasota, is that in Florida?" 😳 Bon voyage, JP & Chris. Glad you had a good time on Cayuga Lake. We were sailing on Skaneateles Lake last weekend. Lois, we are booked on a Seabourn TA in April from Miami to Barcelona - come join us. πŸ˜€ We just booked our second Alaska cruise. Now to catch up on Terry's posts. As noted, we have been following the food posts here, and want to add our latest pizza adventure, with our new pizza oven. Ann & Peter
  14. Hi Mike, Ann says the massage is an abbreviated one, maybe 25 minutes, and they try to sell you more things. They will tell you what they think is wrong with you, and what you need to buy from them to get better. She recommends the wine discount , although the bags of laundry are nice. (We have been cruising a lot since we cruised together on Odyssey TA, and are now platinum, which eliminates having to choose among benefits.) Peter & Ann
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