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  1. Rereading the previous post, perhaps we did not make it clear that we purchased the knives to take to various cooking schools, and identified them as ours with colored tape! 😇
  2. We (Ann, mostly) has a knife collection dating back to New York City culinary schools in the mid-1970s, mostly full-tanged professional Sabatiers, with a Henckel bread knife and and a C&C chef's knife. School ID tapes still attached.
  3. You are correct. All we need to feel better is to look out the window. This is a photo of our driveway yesterday.
  4. Lois, unlike some sports, they are not piping in crowd noises and showing previous azaleas!
  5. Hopefully we will visit the Samoas on our next cruise, scheduled for 2022. Going the opposite way from Terry, we will visit them on consecutive days, January 30 and February 1! Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa, 30JAN22 Apia, Upolo, Samoa, 01FEB22 We had a similar situation in March, when Tristan Da Cunha, remembering previous diseases, did not let us land.
  6. Davey, we met Sir Cliff on a Seabourn cruise in 2015, when he was a passenger celebrating his 75th birthday. We spoke a few times, and he sang impromptu with the piano player in the Observation Bar. Thanks for your celebratory video. We added another below.
  7. That must be it, Jan. We were worried that we had missed the announcement of "chicken thigh day in upstate NY", and that Ann made chicken thighs tonight by coincidence! She baked them with Thai spices, and served them with baked sweet potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes, the latter two with grated cheese.😊
  8. We had a lot of trouble transferring a booking. We were told the Silversea agent who made the original booking had to transfer it to our travel agent. As with you, after a lengthy delay waiting for the Silversea agent to transfer the booking, we called the Silversea agent directly, to request the transfer. He gave us a hard time, repeatedly asking what our agent could do for us that he couldn't, and giving us a long, hard-sell talk, before finally agreeing to transfer the booking. ps to alexandria: We wrote the above while you posted. We have a travel agent who we like to use.
  9. JP, sorry we did not tell you about the Empress gin; a friend recommended it almost a bottle ago! It make very distinctive martinis.
  10. Yes Stumbles. We got one quote yesterday, have another contractor scheduled to give us an estimate next Tuesday, and are waiting for a call back from a third generator installer. We are looking at the Generac 10 kW, which should handle all our modest needs. We are lucky enough to have natural gas service, but the first contractor did not want to tap the pipe on the utility side of the meter! 🙄
  11. JP, in October 2000 we stayed in Castellina in Chianti, and visited the Castellare vineyard. We tasted the wine, which was very good, but bought olive oil to take home. ps: we are actively looking to install a back up generator.
  12. Thanks QSS. We have ordered more wine and whisky online in the last months than ever before. Unfortunately, rather than buying art a la mysty, we now have to spend the money on a tree service to remove a few of our 100+ foot pines, mainly the ones that did not fall in last Wednesday's 100 mph winds/microburst/tornado(?). Of course tonight we did not take photos, but Ann made a sauté of chicken thighs, onions, garlic, red and jalapeño peppers, with cilantro, fresh rosemary, and lemon juice, served over casarecce pasta with pecorino romano. We finished the Midsummer's Solstice G&a
  13. JP, we guess you live in Loudonville (based on a previous description of your drive home from the VA). Up north, in Clifton Park, we were without power for 59 hours. Like you, somehow the food in the freezer remained frozen, and we did not, with the temperature inside remaining above 60º F. And again like you, we think it is time to get a generator. After all, last night we were afraid to open the freezer, and had to choose drinks that did not require ice cubes! 🙄 Also, the outage was the reason we did not respond to the "schmaltz" discussion by Jeff and Lois.
  14. We were able to combine the $400 referral credit, from previous referrals, with other Seabourn provided OBC and with shareholder credit during cruises in 2019, after the current $250 credit was put in place. However, whether those policies will still be in place when cruising resumes will have to be seen.
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