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  1. Happy Anniversary JP & Chris! Hopefully, you can travel again before your 26th. We will have to wait until August to catch up to Terry.
  2. Lois, That is the best news so far! EXCELLENT is EXCELLENT! A&P
  3. JP, we are glad you liked the gin. At the other end of the price scale, we like the very lemony tasting Sly Fox gin from the local Springbrook Distillery. (The distillery is partially owned by an Albany doctor.) We have been shopping at Aldi's for the last several years. We actually had their asparagus the same night as you. We have recently found their meat to be good, especially the strip steak, and available. We usually go the the store across route 9 from Exit9. Unfortunately, Exit9 does not list the Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice gin on its web site; we may need an expedition to Empire! Stumbles, either this is an autocorrect of "nubie" or "newbie", or we really need to come drink with you!
  4. Rather than a "chardonnay stem", it is a "copa de balon". From the fever-tree website: The Spanish use a copa glass to serve gin and tonic - it's a big balloon glass that lets the wonderful aromas of the drink's botanicals be released, adding an extra level of flavour. https://fever-tree.com/en_US/cocktails/gin-and-tonic
  5. Davey, we agree that the photos of your food, and of your hotel, look beautiful and very inviting. However, you said that you have not been in the kitchen for years before this pandemic. Before we sign up for JP's CC weekend at the Abbey, we want to know how your chef's cooking compares to yours. 🤔 Also, we did not believe the picture of the lizard was real. A google search did not produce any info except for the same picture posted here. ps: JP, we just picked up a bottle of Tanqueray for G&Ts at Exit 9.
  6. Davey, We can get many gins, but we are jealous of your tonic selection. We can not even get Schweppes Indian tonic; not imported into North America. We have bought two Nolet's holiday packs, that included a bottle and the copa de balon (official G&T glasses). Note to JP: the Nolet's with fever tree elderflower tonic is very nice. From the Gin is in website: Nolet Silver Gin Distillery: Nolet Family Distillery ABV: 47.6% Region: Europe, Netherlands Style: Contemporary Base Spirit: Known Botanicals: Juniper, Peach, Raspberry, Rose Flavor Profile Nolet Silver GinNolet Silver Gin opts for a series of non-traditional gin botanicals. In doing so, Nolet Silver Gin has earned a reputation as one of the most contemporary floral-forward gins on the market still. It’s so archetypal as an example of “floral gin” that I use it as an exemplar frequently in my talks. If you saw me speak at Gin World 2018 in St. Louis about the flavor of gin, I poured plenty of Nolet Silver. The three unique botanicals are Peach, Turkish Rose and Raspberry. Each of the signature botanicals are independently macerated and distilled in copper pot stills. They are blended with the base gin and bottled at 47.6% ABV. Tasting Notes The first thing that gin drinkers notice whether by scent or by taste is that the juniper is muted, almost missing. The floral scent of Nolet SIlver Gin is over the top. You smell rose when you open the bottle, along with intimations of Lavender and sweet herbal botanicals like melissa and apple mint.
  7. Happy Anniversary JP and Chris. Happy Birthday Myster. One benefit (?) of the current conditions is that we are able to be home for Spring. It is nice to see the day to day changes, instead of leaving with bare trees and coming back to full-leaf, and after the flowers have bloomed. Still, the TA and week in Spain would have been nice. 😞 DW has inspired us to post this picture of our G&Ts tonight, Nolet's gin and fever tree tonic, on the back porch. We have friends in Canada, and understand the Provincial liquor board system, but will refrain from any comments thereon. However, our friend in Ottawa used to have various (non-alcoholic) things delivered to us before he visited. We also used to bring gifts (alcoholic) that met the import limits when we visited him. A&P
  8. Yes, those AmphiCars are fun! Seriously, we had a friend who was a captain on the Lake Champlain ferries. We have crossed the Lake several times in the wheelhouse, from both Burlington and Charlotte. ps: we have been to Alaska twice with Seabourn.
  9. JP, we have had rose breasted grosbeaks at our feeder, but not in the last few years. Lois, hang in there, and hopefully we can cruise together sometime. The Seabourn cruise we each cancelled at different times, and which was then was totally cancelled, would have landed today in Spain. While baking is not a perfect substitute for cruising, here are a few photos of our latest creations.
  10. In honor of the holiday today, I am having one of JP's quarantine coffees (shaken and served up; Ann is having her martini stirred and up). enjoyed with BJ's fresh salsa, but we are running out of corn chips! Happy Sinko de Mayo!
  11. We were scheduled to disembark the Quest today in Barcelona, and begin a week in the northern Spanish wine regions. Instead, we will have some wine at home, after drinking our Cinco de Mayo margaritas. Stay safe, drink at home, and do not venture out too soon.
  12. The videographer on the Cloud, Willem, is a South African citizen, and was allowed to disembark in Cape Town. South African nationals were the only crew members able to get off in Cape Town, and he actually got off a day before we were allowed to disembark.
  13. Whenever your cruise is scheduled for, we sincerely hope it sails, safely and successfully. We went to Antarctica on the Seabourn Quest in December 2017, and just returned from a cruise to South Georgia on Silversea. ( Do not want to lead this thread astray, but South Georgia was fantastic and Silversea is never again!) Seabourn uses Ship to Shore as its supplier, as do other cruise lines. We do not remember the exact details, but you should be able to access them through your Seabourn account. After you login and choose your booking number, there should be a link to order your parkas, which will be in your suite when you get on the ship, and also to order other items, if you want. If you rent and/or buy through Ship to Shore, everything should be delivered to the ship. We bought our own boots and waterproof pants, but you probably will have less use for such things in Georgia than we do in upstate New York. As tmk said, waterproof pants are a necessity for zodiac landings.
  14. In these uncertain times, we are paying even more attention to our doctor's advice.
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