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  1. We did have some problems on Viking (more to do with we kept being ignored we guessed it was due to us being quite a bit younger than the average age but once addressed with management no further problems). Some of the best drinks service I have ever had has been on NCL, I think when the drinks packages are simple the service is better (both carnival and ncl really only have one package). Our recent experience on Celebrity was poor and again the different packages caused problems. Also here only myself has upgraded as my wife is not a big drinker so I think that adds some confusion. Having said all that our experience on Seabourn was dreadful and there was no packages at all. Crystal was phenomenal. i agree one should not have to find their own solutions but I would rather do that and have a good time than continually banging my head up against a wall. As I said dealing with sommeliers (not enough of them) as opposed to food waiters (particularly junior ones) has lead to vast improvements.
  2. All those drinks are available on this cruise. scotch and certain wines the problems. I highly recommend others get to know the head waiters and the sommeliers. It was recommended I ask for a sommelier as soon as I am seated and this definitely works better. Some of the head waiters also were happy for us to request them. They are now opening some bottles that are normally only sold by the bottle. Not sure why this wasn’t done earlier and unfortunately you have to get to this stage. Also recommend telling guest services who does a great job as the feedback definitely gets back to those people. Dont presume that waiters and bar servers will get you what they want because those working behind the bars won’t know who requested the drinks and this is when they try and get away with alternatives, ask for people you know and the service is so much better. I think if you like Viking you will like Azamara. Based on one cruise on each we find Azamara more lively and fellow passengers more friendly and interactive. Ship is not as modern, specialty restaurants not included but service is very good.
  3. Requested a meeting but then had another with bar manager so have delayed. No question there is supply problems. Spoke to a sommelier and a couple of the restaurant managers and there has been improvements on getting the right wines but you must request to speak to certain people. If you rely on waiters mistakes continue. still enjoying the cruise and really like Azamara, just discussing the drink package specifically
  4. Can confirm no Nespresso, no Highland Pk, no Balvenie, no MacAllan (so half the scotches available). No boddington, no Pilsner Urquell, no Moretti in beers (might be more). In wine almost impossible to get Wairu River sac Blanc (replaced with a horrible California wine). The Chianti has been replaced (I like it but not sure if better than original). One night was refused baileys as told the bar was closing and the bottle belonged to a different bar!? Today at lunch, wrong wine brought 3 times. Dining room on last 2 occasions 20 and 40 minute waits for a glass of ultimate wine. Only 3 sommelier on whole ship
  5. Yes but I have ultimate package and they are using Tanqueray instead of Tanqueray 10 or Hendricks. I was also just saying that Viking and Azamara has the same Gins as premium/ultimate choices where the other poster seemed to suggest there was better than Hendricks on Azamara which is not the case on this ship.
  6. We will have to agree to disagree. While the atmosphere in the bars far exceeds that if Viking, when it comes to the package I have had the opposite experience. On Viking all premium wines were open and available in the dining room, here I wait between 20 and 40 minutes to get a glass (and it is rarely the one I want). No dessert wines included (this was possible on Viking). There is no MacAllan on this ship at all! 2 others also missing ... so I hope you consider Glensidich to be premium? no difference in what gins are included - Hendricks the best in both cases but on here they seem to want to use the basic Tanqueary unless you put your foot down. I concede Vodka choices are better although Viking makes a far superior Bloody Mary. Beers much better on Viking although not great, at least there was an IPA, Pilsner etc. some of the Norwegian beers were very good. There is no way Heineken, Coors, Carlburg etc should be considered “premium”. I much prefer the atmosphere of Azamara to Viking (ship in general is inferior) but on drinks package our experience was generally better on Viking.
  7. It is very inconsistent what spirit is used in cocktails. I have watched most of my selections being made, the bartenders seem unsure. Saw JD used when recipe called for Bourbon, cheapest Gin used when called for Hendricks etc etc . Even non alcohol ingredients often wrong, today blueberry instead of blackberry. Cherry liquor used instead of blackberry but not even told about it. Different rim brand used yesterday. It is a complete lottery. 3 of the 6 scotches missing. No Pilsner, no pale ale etc. no dessert wines even the cheap ones (half the price of champagne) which makes no sense at all. As I said originally lots to like about Azamara but having just sailed Crystal the bar experience is WAY behind. Also just sailed Celebrity,MSC and NCl all had better drinks included. Viking upcharge package also much more included...
  8. Thank you Bonnie, I had already requested the head of guest relations forward my mid cruise survey to head office so was surprised that did not elicit any response onboard. I have just requested a meeting with the HD, they offered to organise it this evening which is kind but we would prefer it to occur in the cold light of day. Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the feedback, just passed the bar manager in the hallway who quickly had to answer his phone and walked away. This is not the behaviour of a premium product. If there is no follow up tomorrow on change over day I will leave feedback with the HD.
  10. By the way does anyone have an email for customer relations? I asked guest relations to send a complaint to head office but don’t know whether they truly did.
  11. We are completing the first segment of a b2b on the Pursuit. This is our first time on Azamara (have recently tried Viking, Seabourn, Crystal). A lot to like, relaxed vibe, friendly staff, fun fellow passengers, great sun loungers! But the ubp is a complete joke, the beers are some of the cheapest on the planet, nothing resembling a craft beer, ZERO dessert wines included (only cruise line I have encountered this problem), half of the scotches are not available, the only decent white wine is not available, 2 of my cocktail sauce have been used with cheap spirits, several wines served were not ultimate wines. I have had several meetings with the bar manager who claims they have zero authority to change what is available - if that is true then Azamara is guilty of false advertising as they have charged me full price and have not delivered what was promised. The bar manager (Kevin) has told me several times he will get back to me with a solution and I never hear from him again. Very poor. Unlikely to buy it for the second leg which is a shame as the included drinks are very limiting. What we thought had the potential to be our new go to cruise line is likely to end very quickly due to this frustrating experience.
  12. I would just wait and see what is onboard, very easy to upgrade once onboard. The supplies change depending on the location, also each ship is run slightly differently. I am also an asthmatic, which drugs are you referring to? I used to be given one in Australia that started with “T” that worked really well but was suddenly not available and never explained ... hmm?
  13. I think it varies depending on sailing. We had an America and Argentina still and a Brazil sparkling but there was great debate whether the basic sparkling was included in the classic package. Some bars gave it to you and others would only give you soda water, it was so frustrating. Who would drink the cheap Brazil sparkling when San Pellegrino and Perrier are available for premium? It made no sense and just added to our aggravation. To be honest these bar problems were one of the main reasons we stopped sailing X despite loving their ships. We have found sailings on premium lines to be better value when we find a deal, otherwise the drinks on HAL heaps better or we sail with ncl and just put up with no water (which after this X experience is the same).
  14. we just got off the Eclipse, first time on X in 2 years. No discounts on upgrade once onboard. We upgraded and later downgraded, no premium water or beer in most of the outdoor bars (really only in passport bar). Regularly cheated and used cheaper versions, especially on wines and spirits so if you do upgrade make sure you watch the pour. I drank 2 Woodford Reserves and at another bar it was clearly an inferior product. Watched them use cheap wine and spirits on multiple occasions and then just lie to my face. They refunded me and downgraded back to classic. It was much better in the restaurants and indoor bars. We found bar service to be very mixed and overall a bit disappointing.
  15. Have been using the new app. It lists loads of activities on our upcoming cruises (sounds like loads of fun). Are all these activities free? For eg yoga and Pilates? It doesn’t mention any cost
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