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  1. Not sure what happened to my initial post but we have now received a full refund for our cancelled Encore sailing in April. The cruise was cancelled on March 10 and received payment today. No notifications just happened to check out statement Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Just checked and we have received our refund. No notification so you need to check your statement. Our April cruise on the Encore was cancelled on March 10. Our statement said the payment was issued on May 21 and posted on 23rd but due to weekend only appears today. Good luck to others still waiting. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Oh, good to know, I will pay more attention. Thanks for the update. What has happened to Seabourn communication throughout this pandemic? Been silent all the way along.
  4. Congrats. We were cancelled on March 10th, no word yet.
  5. Our Encore sailing for April 17th was cancelled on Mar 10th. We haven’t heard anymore about our refund. Our flight to Singapore with Singapore Air was cancelled on Mar 20. Initially Singapore Airlines refused to refund the cancelled flights but eventually agreed on April 7 (not sure if that is because I put in claim thru credit card company). We received the Airline refund today (so processing time was one month). So Seabourn is now 2 months and clearly had a lot less processing to do. Singapore airlines has also been dealing with cancellations dating back to January. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We had same problem with Singapore air and it appears Australian authorities are allowing these air credits even where the company cancels. We just kept responding we want refund and raised a dispute with credit card and they finally agreed but of course have told us it will take weeks to process
  7. 100% agree with you. I live at a hotel resort and the manager refunded 6 months worth of cancellations in 2 days single handedly. Anytime I have mentioned this in any thread on cc the cheerleaders have howled next down as being unreasonable. I haven’t heard of one person getting a refund in the last 3 weeks? So even if it were a load issue wouldn’t we have heard from someone each day? Its clearly a cash management play (every business does this between their receivables and payables). Seabourn not the only line taking “weeks to months” to process but they have been the most silent line throughout this tough time. Like others on here in recent times I don’t think they have shown a good face towards their customers in a time of crisis.
  8. I agree, we had our SB cruise cancelled on 10th March (for a sailing that would have happened tomorrow 😢). But I had already expressed on here that we were not prepared to sail anyway. The risks seemed obvious to us, especially after the Diamond. That is why I presume and hope that the investigation is not into whether they sailed and whether they put passengers at risk (they knew the risks) but should be focusing on the debarking and whether the company properly informed the authorities of the true health conditions onboard. I hope the investigation also delves into the various authorities and agencies and whether they made prudent decisions for the Australian public’s health given the known risks. Interestingly I noticed there is a lawsuit in the US brought by the employees of Celebrity claiming the company didn’t do enough to protect them given the known risks. If successful that could cause some serious issues, haven’t heard anymore about the case brought against the Grand Princess by the passengers
  9. I was born in the early 70s so not sure on the corporate responsibility back then but isn’t that when we put the hole in the ozone layer? wasnt this when ddt and other chemicals and pesticides were rampant? politically we had watergate?
  10. I could be wrong but I don’t think the criminal investigation is in regards to the deaths of the passengers but the risk towards those in the public who were exposed because they weren’t informed of the risks?
  11. Ouch, and I thought we were allies. No comparison, English speaking, democratic, capitalist, federation of states. All means nothing? Mods - please shut us down. Garbage political speak and links to conspiracy theory websites. Relevance?
  12. Am I missing something, 104 cases of ACUTE respiratory illness is more than 1% of people onboard isn’t it? Is my mathematics wrong? Shouldn’t an outbreak have been declared (whether influenza or Covid19?)
  13. Do you work for Princess? We are/were in the middle of a worldwide Pandemic, at this point in time Princess had already been through this situation multiple times. Every country around the world was already worried about Covid19 cases and most had already closed their ports. If you had more than a 100 cases of ACUTE respiratory illness onboard you alert authorities that you MAY have a problem. You don’t assume you don’t. I am not absolving NSW Health and Australia border security forces here as they have been appalling but you cannot absolve Princess until the investigation is completed.
  14. And the Golden Princess has a noro outbreak during this time.
  15. Thanks for sharing. So 104 ACUTE respiratory cases constitutes low risk, wow I would hate to see what constitutes moderate? 🤷‍♂️😷😡 clearly trying to cover their ineptitude. I can’t help but think they just didn’t know what to do - the concept of using hotels as quarantine came after this incident
  16. How can you say it is a “fact” ? We don’t know the facts. The accusation is not based on whether they knew they had the virus it is whether they reported their correct status around illness onboard the ship.
  17. That is not a medical journal. It is a conspiracy theory website.
  18. It is possible to compartmentalise. My feeling on Covid19, healthcare, my family etc are different to what we discuss on here specific to Seabourn. My views that Seabourn is delaying payment as a normal part of business to extend cash flow rather than simply because they are overwhelmed with manual processes is a completely separate issue with my thoughts on what is happening elsewhere. I also suggest if you are looking for a positive break a bit thread about the virus is not the new to participate in. I can suggest the Seabourn sailors fb page, lots of positive posts on there from people reminiscing or sharing what they are up to at home.
  19. They can but it’s a basic rule of business ie accounts receivable vs account payable - extend your cash flow as long as possible. They could refund much quicker if they needed to. Imagine if bailout money was promised if refunds were finalised we would all have our money before the end of the day.
  20. And many here are equally quick to assume that Crystal is fabulous and would never do anything wrong. They stand more to hold off refunds, keeps their cash balance positive for longer. This doesn’t apply to the credit card co. as the funds would be in a trust account. If the refund were processed it would post immediately. The credit card co. is making transaction fees and interest.
  21. Finally someone proves my point that people on here will always irrationally treat a cruise company differently to a financial company. The latter are “evil” and the cruise companies are “family”.
  22. Call me a conspiracy theorist but the more I think about it, I think no authority wanted to take responsibility for the quarantine of 3k people and decided the political fallout was easier
  23. He runs it by himself, 70 rooms multiplied by 6 months of bookings. Says a refund is a matter of minutes , amount of the booking is irrelevant. Anyway, clearly as usual on cc there are those who no cruise line can do wrong (even when they keep their money for 90 days). If a bank, insurance company, real estate agent etc did the same thing I find it highly unlikely that we would see this open cheerleading (I have certainly never seen it).
  24. I remember Akaroa in NZ wouldn’t let them disembark because of concerns Covid19 was onboard
  25. I just spoke to the manager of the hotel resort complex we live in. Like the rest of the tourism world he has had the whole season cancelled. Despite this he is processing refunds immediately. He confirms what I have previously said that a refund is as quick to process as the original payment. The only reason for lengthy delays is to hold cash for as long possible.
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